February 4, 2022

Qaenat Saffron The best saffron brand in Dubai

Dubai – A leading global trade centre- Best Saffron brand in Dubai

Over the past years, and year after year, Dubai’s regional centre in international trade has been strengthened. Most of the major trading countries going through trade with countries in the Arabian Gulf region, the Middle East, and many African countries.

Trade between the countries of the region and the world has become difficult to grow without Dubai’s infrastructure. And this has posed a major challenge to Dubai’s commercial, business, and finance sectors in general. And has been able to meet this challenge and develop its capabilities and structure, to meet the requirements of this growth in regional and international trade. Turning it into a leading hub that attracts major businesses from around the world.
The saffron thread trade is the most famous and important in Dubai. So you can get the best saffron threads in Dubai with confidence and reassurance.
Also, thanks to Dubai’s economic achievements, the UAE has been at the forefront of world trade. Applauded by specialized international organizations, notably the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Qaenat is the Best Saffron Brand in UAE

Jebel Ali Port

One of the most important means of development and progress is to explore, prepare and absorb economic developments, including business. And this is one of the advantages, that contributed to the rise of Dubai Centre, as a global centre of commerce and business.
Taking the commercial sector, for example, Jebel Ali port at the northern end of Dubai was established 30 years ago with its enormous capacity. Being the largest man-made port in the world, where it has become a shining star in international trade.
The port of Jebel Ali is, also, classified as a ‘gateway hub’, and a ‘vital link in the world trade network. Linking eastern and western markets, serving goods from the Indian subcontinent, Africa and Asia. Note that most of the saffron strand trade takes place through the port of Jebel Ali.

Jebel Ali Port

Tributes from international organizations about Dubai

Several reports have praised the UAE’s leading role in international trade, and its advanced positions in these reports from specialized professional institutions, ranking 31st among the world’s top 50 economies for 2020, in the World Economic Association 2020 schedule report in its recent publication by the London-based Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), including its forecasts for 193 countries until 2034. According to the report, the UAE ranked 37th in 2004 and 35th in 2009 to 31st place in 2019. Expected to maintain its current ranking between 2020 and 2024. All due to the quality of infrastructure and available services.

Qaenat-The best saffron threads in Dubai

Censorship in Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality uses all possible means and measurement tools in product control. Follows the highest specifications and standards to monitor the performance of markets. And always seeks to apply all provisions and procedures related to the executive regulations, to regulate the work of quality and legal standards.

As well as works hard in all outlets of the Emirate of Dubai, to control imported food. Where the figures show the stability of food imports. And is always keen on diversity, in the import of food for the local market, and applies the highest levels of food control, to ensure that it is safe and compliant with the requirements set by the district.

With the aim of enabling all consumers to have access to their needs of all food items and ingredients, of the highest quality and security.

Food can be tracked by checking the ingredients and nutritional information of each product, through the Food Watch platform. As well as tracking saffron threads in Dubai.

The importance is to protect consumers, traders & industry, from any harm that may be caused to them, as a result of the slightest disruption in the work of the stakeholders, and the preservation of the rights of all parties.

Quality saffron threads sold in Dubai

By looking at the previous information, we have mentioned Dubai Municipality. About the actions it takes, to monitor the markets, adopt the highest standards, obtain the best products, & provide them in the Dubai market.

The high confidence, credibility, and quality of saffron threads, available in Dubai markets, are surely clear to the consumer. Also, the saffron exported to them is the finest. So it is possible to rely on saffron threads available in Dubai and to buy them without a doubt.

It is worth mentioning that Qaenat company is always committed to examining and analyzing the required quantities and issuing certificates of analysis before sending them to their customers, thus adhering to the highest standards.

Qaenat Saffron Threads

Certificates and credits in Dubai

Companies exporting to Dubai, whether small or large, seek credits & certificates, to prove the quality and validity of their products. And comply with the standards and specifications followed. These certificates vary from international or issued from Dubai, such as the approval Certificate from Dubai Municipality. As well as from Dubai Municipal Laboratories, and also from The Dubai Chamber. like the ISO certificate and HACCP certificate.

It should be noted that Qaenat company has more than five certificates and credits over the course of consecutive years, confirming the quality of the saffron threads provided by them, and their determination to provide the best varieties always.

What is The price of saffron threads in Dubai?

The prices of saffron threads in the world depend on several factors. Such as: whether they were directly from the factory or by intermediaries. As well as by quantity and country exporting to them and taxes. But when we talk about Dubai, it is all different. As you get saffron threads directly from the manufacturer and without intermediaries. In addition to that, the wholesale market is available, and taxes are low compared to other countries, all of which make a purchase of saffron threads from Dubai market the best choice for the buyer, and Qaenat the best company, where it sells directly from its factories, And with the finest varieties and lowest costs.

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