Qaenat is a reputable worldwide wholesale supplier of premium quality saffron.

From the farm to you

Qaenat is an exclusive brand for supplying premium quality saffron. We deal with different types of saffron which are Royal luxury, Super Negin, Negin, Pushal, Abu Sheiba. Our procurement team specialize in sourcing the best quality saffron directly from the farms. Since there is no mediator involved, we are able to offer a competitive price in the market. We guarantee for a 100% natural saffron with no preservatives added to it. And we provide the first pick of finest saffron from the last harvest of the season. Our company is certified for HACCP, ISO and more. Our saffron are frequently tested by the Dubai central laboratory for the quality of the saffron and the suitability of the packaging and storage environment.

Our International Logistics

We’re currently shipping to most of the international locations. We provide all necessary documents for export operations according to the requirements of the authorities in the countries of destination. Our logistic team gives all the details regarding shipping and export fees when determining the destination and the required quantity. Our team will be happy to serve you. You can contact us through WhatsApp: 971555929668

To Partner with Us

Qaenat Saffron is looking for distributors in various countries of the world. The company who are interested to distribute our products in your country with maintaining the quality and the policy standards can contact us at [email protected].

Certificates & License

What we do in our saffron factory?

We have A-Z service in supply of saffron from our factory. We are involved into the process of sourcing, grading, packing, shipping, etc. We maintain international standards in packing of saffron. And we also provide packing services to other saffron companies in their brand name. We have a specialized team in providing the package design to brand design according to the desires of our customers, and you can get a final product of saffron in the name of your company.

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Q1. What types of saffron do you sell ?

We sell the following types of saffron.

  • Premium Super Negin
  • Super Negin
  • Negin
  • Pushal
  • Abu Sheiba

Q2. Where does your saffron come from ?

It mainly comes from the Qaenat area in Khorasan – ​​Iran. We also deal with Afghanistan saffron based on request.

Q3. Why is the saffron you offer called ‘Qaenat?

Because the Qaenat city is called as the mother land of the finest quality of saffron. The soil condition and the climate suits well to produce the best type of saffron.

Q4. Why the original saffron before soaking it with water or before exposure to moisture does not have a strong smell ?

Because the new saffron that does not exposed to moisture and still retain its aroma and its characteristics, when using it in food and drink or soak it with water ،its strong smell and perfume comes out and reveals.
Saffron, which is exposed to moisture, has smell and wet ,but has lost some of its benefits and quality.

Q5. How much does this saffron cost ?

It depends on the type and quantity requested.

Please refer to website for more details:

Q6. Do you sell saffron in bulk ?

Yes, we do. How much do you want ?

Q7. Do you sell saffron to retail customers ?

Yes, we do. We have elegant and beautiful packages. The minimum size is 1 gram.

You can purchase from the website directly.

Q8. How can I pay ?

By credit cards, cash on delivery (UAE only) and via bank transfer (for wholesale)

Q9. Is the saffron you sell original ? Do you have a certificate proving that ?

Yes, our saffron is 100% natural and pure without any preservatives added. Qaenat is HACCP & ISO certified. Our saffron is periodically tested by the Dubai Central Lab.

Q10. How much does it cost to have it delivered outside the UAE ?

Regarding shipping rates outside the UAE, please contact us via email: [email protected] or WhatsApp: +971 555929668.

Q11. Is it delivered for free within the UAE ?

Yes, shipping and delivery is free within the UAE, if the cart value is above AED 200.

Q12. How many days does the saffron take to be delivered ?

It takes around 2-3 days inside UAE. Orders from outside UAE can be delivered in 7 days but the duration may very based on the country and its customs procedure.

Q13. What weights do you have available for purchase ?

We have from 1 gram to 250 grams available for purchase. You may refer to the website for more details:

If the required weight is not available on the website, you may order from our business WhatsApp or this email address:

[email protected]

Q14. What is the minimum quantity that is charged at wholesale price ?

Half a kilogram or more but generally, the more you purchase, the more discount you will get. If you want less than half a kilogram, you may order directly from our website:

Q15. What is the minimum quantity to buy to qualify for free delivery within the UAE ?

If your cart value is AED 200 or above will be eligible for free delivery or else a nominal charge of AED 20 will be the delivery charge

Q16. Can the saffron be returned ?

Yes, it can be returned within 7 days if the package is not opened.

Q17. Can I test the saffron before buying a large quantity ?

Yes, you can buy one gram for tasting and testing.

Q18. What are the uses of saffron ?

It is used as a natural food coloring as it gives food a beautiful yellow color. It also has a delicious flavor. It can be added to coffee or any kind of drinks or sweets that you like. Please check the blog below or search in Internet to learn more about the use and benefits of saffron:

Q19. How can I store the saffron to maintain its quality ?

Saffron should be kept in a cool, dry place out of the light and sun.

Q20. Do you sell the saffron in packages ?

Yes, it depends on the type of package you want.

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