October 28, 2021

Get to know EXPO2020 Dubai

Have you ever come across this term “Expo2020“, and you want to know what it means and what is its importance ? I will be delighted to tell you , dear reader, that you are in the right place. So in this article, we will know everything about Expo2020 Dubai, so stay tuned  till the end .


 What is Expo2020 and where did it start ?

Astonishing development in many fields is the main characteristic of Dubai, such as business , cultural, economic and other various fields, which has made it famous and has a very special place among the countries of the world . It also has a rich history in the field of new and remarkable ideas. Therefore, It was chosen to hold “Expo 2020” .

UAE has chosen to host Expo, since it provides all the outstanding services and facilities. In addition to its wonderful strategic location.

Expo 2020 is the first major international Expo to take place in this region, under the theme of  “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” As for the date of the first Expo, it dates back to the year of 1851 and known as “The Great Expo”.

What are the sections of Expo2020 ?

Expo includes many architectural landmarks that remain throughout Expo’s months, and some of them remain even after the expiry of  the Expo period , which is six months, thus to be part of this city.

Al Wasl yard is the main landmark of Expo 2020. This yard has a steel dome with a giant screen.

Expo also contains the Mobility Pavilion. which shows the visitors the course of humankind development from the beginning of history till nowadays. This pavilion contains the largest elevator in the world, as it accommodates 160 people.

As for the countries participating in Expo2020, there are many, including : Afghanistan pavilion, Albania pavilion, France pavilion, Australia pavilion, Austria pavilion ….. and many other countries.

Ticket Prices at Expo2020 :

All Expo visitors must book their tickets early and record their information  accurately. There are types of tickets, including for example:

  • A one-day ticket costs 95 AED.
  • A long-term ticket throughout the Expo period costs 495 AED .
  • combined ticket suitable for families.

Expo2020 is of great importance to Dubai and the whole world. As it constitutes a huge event that benefits the country and the Middle East countries. Also, we expect that the number of its visitors will reach 25 million visitors.


How to get to Expo 2020 :

If you want to go to Expo 2020 and you are confused about how to get there….don’t worry, it’s very easy, just use one of the different means of transportation that are widely available near the exhibition. Which are taxis, buses, metro, and many other transportation available at all times.
To ensure comfort and safe access to Expo and enjoy its wonderful and distinctive atmosphere.

We will try to introduce the features of each means of transportation separately in order to make the matter clear to you more.


Getting around by taxi:

Due to the huge development in technology in UAE  in all fields. You can easily book a taxi through your mobile phone.
This is also done using the applications designated for this purpose, and after a few minutes the car will be at your service.


It is the fastest way to reach Expo 2020. As the metro line will connect you from the center of Dubai to the main entrance to Expo 2020 directly and in the shortest possible time.

Expo 2020 buses:

Expo 2020 has dedicated its own buses, where the latter provides a free service to all visitors at all times. And you can take these buses from anywhere in Dubai and from other emirates as well.

Expo2020 also provides you with valet parking service in large areas suitable for all types of cars.

Expo 2020 in Dubai is an unprecedented experience in the world, and one of the largest economic and trade events, and the number of visitors to this exhibition will reach twenty-five million visitors.
The activities of this distinguished exhibition is starting from the 1st of October 2021 and will last for a full six months.