We sell all the best types of saffron. Just ask us what you need and we’ll try to help you.

Some of it comes from the Khorasan area of ​​Iran and the rest comes from Afghanistan.

Because this saffron is produced exclusively in the Qaenat area.

It depends on the quantity requested. Please refer to the website for more details:


Yes, we do. We have elegant and beautiful packages. The minimum size is 3 grams.

Cash on Delivery in UAE, Visa/Master Card Payment for all countries

Yes, this saffron is 100% Original, you can buy a three-gram package to try it out.

It depends on the country. It is based on the fees set by Emirates Post. Please see the website below for more details.

Yes, shipping and delivery is free within the UAE

We have from 3 grams to 250 grams available for purchase. You may refer to the website for more details:



If the required weight is not available on the website, you may order from this email address:

[email protected]

Generally, the more you purchase, the more discount you will get. If you want less than half a kilogram, you may order directly from our website:


Yes, you can buy three grams for tasting and testing.

Saffron should be kept in a cool, dry place out of the light.

Yes, it depends on the type of package you want.  Just email us to let us know how much you want and we will let you know the cost.  The minimum purchase quantity is 10 packs.

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