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Saffron Spice Grinder – Hand Grinder for Kitchen

Buy saffron spice grinder for your hand grinding in the kitchen from our online shop for the best price. We have a worldwide shipping facility and we deliver your products directly to your doorstep.

  • A high durable saffron grinder with improved efficiency.
  • A perfect kitchen tool to grind saffron, spices, and herbs
  • Improved handle for greater ergonomics and easy handling.
  • The capacity to hold the spice will be 100 ml for maximum.
  • The spherical shape glass type hand grinder looks premium and elegant.
  • Sharp blended blades can make your spice or saffron a fine coarse of powder.
  • The product which you see in the image will be the same in real.
  • We have a worldwide shipping facility. We also provide free shipping inside UAE.
  • Qaenat follows a standard in all the processes. And that includes the packing too. Your product will reach you safely in a well-packed condition.
  • The product has a flat and smooth bottom. You will get a clear grip while using it.
  • You can use this kitchen grinder for crushing and grinding any kind of spices.
  • It will be a perfect kitchen accessory for you to prepare some hand-ground food powder or spices.

Hand Grinder for Spices

The new spice grinder is perfect for hand-grinding saffron and spices in style. It has an improved Burr shaft with a stabilizer plate and easy-grind adjustment screw. Enjoy a noise-free grinding experience at your kitchen.

  • Improved handle for greater ergonomics.

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