Saffron and the heart

Saffron and the heart

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Obstructed heart vessels are one of the major causes of heart disease.
Saffron therapy may be able to assist in unblocking these vessels. On this page, Qaenat will remind you of some important points in order to help combat heart disease naturally.

How important is saffron in the treatment of heart disease?

Saffron is a spice which can affect various aspects of the body. Doctors suggest it may have beneficial effects on obstructed heart vessels.

Happiness and helping to unblock heart vessels with saffron

Saffron, when used in different foods or beverages in specific amounts, may help you to experience more happiness and pleasant feelings.  Experts believe that happiness can help strengthen the heart.

Saffron also reduces nervousness and anger, which are considered undesirable for the heart. Thus, using saffron to calm the nerves and reduce anger may be beneficial for the heart.

Helping to unblock heart vessels with saffron and celery

A famous expert says that persons with heart problems may enjoy daily consumption of 3 to 4 cups of saffron water or celery juice. This may benefit the heart and reduce heart disease gradually.

 Helping to unblock heart vessels with saffron in rose syrup

Rose water and saffron in hot water makes a delicious drink. Some people believe that this hot drink can be very effective for heart patients.

Rose water or rose water syrup and saffron may be one of the best suggestions for unblocking the heart vessels with saffron.


Some doctors suggest that saffron therapy and herbs can strengthen the heart and help unblock heart vessels. You can read this article for more information about blocked heart vessels.


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