Saffron Super Negin
Saffron super negin 1 g
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Saffron Super Negin
Saffron Super Negin
Saffron Super Negin
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Saffron Super Negin
Saffron Super Negin

Saffron Super Negin

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  • Origin: Iran
  • Hand-Picked Threads.
  • No Additives or Preservatives.
  • 100% Natural Fresh Saffron.
  • Grade A+ Best Quality Saffron
  • Hand Picked Saffron Directly from the farms
  • Pure: 100% Pure Superior Quality All-Red Saffron

Super Negin Saffron

Stigmas cut this way provide maximum flavor. Tested and packed with a higher standard, grade 1 product. Features powerful coloring and flavoring capabilities to give flavor to your food products and dishes. Naturally Grown, 100% Pure Saffron, All-Red Saffron, Harvested by Hand. Dried saffron or Zaffran is composed of 65% carbohydrates, 6% fat, 11% protein, and 12% water. In comparison to other spices or dried foods, the nutrient content of dried saffron shows richness in the content of B vitamins and dietary minerals.

Qaenat Persian Pure Saffron for sale:

Perfect for a smooth complexion: Flaunt a smooth and fair complexion. Using Qaenat Saffron regularly as an active ingredient in your beauty routine will give you a complexion everyone will be jealous of. So, go ahead, use Saffron-based skin products and see the difference yourself.

Crocus natives, commonly known as the “Qaenat Saffron”. Our saffron is deep and crimson red.

Deep red threads (stigma) contain no waste or white styles that reduce the quality or add to cost.

Qaenat Saffron is guaranteed for quality and taste. If you didn’t like it, we will refund your money in full.

Get the whole family in the kitchen by using fresh saffron in your FOOD or TEA.

Qaenat Saffron offers premium saffron called Super Negin. It gives a bit of extra color and a flowery smell.

The best Saffron spice will always be expensive. If you see a packet of a couple of Gram for a few Dirhams, just put it back.

This Super Negin saffron product is from the newest harvest of the year.

Keep away from direct sunlight, direct sunlight will cause saffron to lose its color and fragrance.

Pure Persian saffron freshly supplied from Qaenat. We guarantee the quality of this saffron in terms of color, shape, and aroma.


Saffron Type  Royal Saffron Super Negin Saffron

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