Why Luxury Beauty Brands Start Using Saffron in Their Skincare Line

Why Luxury Beauty Brands Start Using Saffron in Their Skincare Line

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Have you ever visited Sephora and discovered Saffron-infused skincare products? You may wonder, how can it be so expensive and luxurious? In fact, as many global beauticians acknowledge how saffron medicinal properties creates youthful skin, the more high-end beauty line start extracting saffron in their skincare line.

People in the middle east are with saffron. Saffron or Crocus Sativus in Latin, is a rare spice in which the stigmas, or the tiny thread from the flower, have a lot of beneficial properties. Saffron grows in Iran and has been the main export commodity for the country. Middle easterners have been using saffron for impressive health benefits and cooking ingredients for hundreds of years. Many people consider saffron, the most expensive spice because they use human labour to hand-pick the flower. No wonder it can cost up to US$16 per gram, depending on how careful the cultivation is. Fortunately, the medicinal property it has makes it worth purchasing. Qaenat Saffron is hand-picked, making it the most expensive spice in the world.

Saffron benefits for skin

If consumed, saffron contains medicinal properties that act as antioxidants and restore youthful skin. People usually brew saffron in hot water or warm milk and drink it to improve digestion and immunity. However, saffron also has vitamin c, which helps brighten skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation and acne scars if applied topically. In addition, saffron has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that prevent acne and heal inflammation so that skin can regenerate quicker. For those with dull and dry skin, saffron has an excellent hydrating property that gives smooth skin textures.


Luxury products with saffron as the plant-based key ingredient

Many high-end beauty products contain Saffron extract, namely Yves Saint Laurent, Sisley, Akar, and Korres.  For instance, the entire YSL Or Rouge Collection has saffron extract. These two products are among the best Saffron-infused products in the luxury skincare industry.


Beauty enthusiasts may be familiar with Yves Saint Laurent, a French luxury fashion house founded 60 years ago, which is currently expanding its market by producing beauty and skincare products. Aware of excellent skin benefits, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty infuses its Or Rouge Eye Cream with the saffron extract. In the ingredients label, you may find Saffron extract in its Latin name. People use it topically under the eyes, and the antioxidants property helps accelerate the noticeable revitalization of the delicate skin around the eye area.


Sisley Paris The Velvet Nourishing Cream

Sisley Paris is an independent French luxury cosmetic and skincare brand. They started using saffron in their skincare line a few years ago. For example, The Velvet Nourishing Cream by Sisley Paris gives an instantly soft, velvety skin. Moreover, anti-inflammatory properties from saffron soothe dry skin and reduce redness.

Are you thinking to create your own skincare brand? Or do you want to start putting saffron in your skincare line? Contact Qaenat now and discover how you can begin purchasing premium saffron from the most trusted saffron distributor in the world.

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