Using and Preserving Cardamom

Using and Preserving Cardamom

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Everyone who knows the deluxe tastes of spices must have heard of and tried cardamom. It is famous for its multi-use and different benefits. In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about cardamom and how to use and preserve it.

What Is Cardamom?

Cardamom, cardamum or cardamon can be considered the next most important spice after black pepper. It belongs to the same plant family of ginger (Zingiberaceae). After being dried, cardamom has a sharp intense flavor making it a premium seasoning in preparing delicious dishes.

There are two types of cardamom:

  • Brown or black cardamom: is native to the Indian regions in the Himalayas and Nepal.
  • Green cardamom: is distinguished with great quality and native to India and Sri Lanka.

Cardamom in Cuisine

One spice set is never complete without cardamom. It is used in different recipes, such as:

  • A divine sprinkle of tastes filled with essential and fixed oils. Cardamom is great for hot and cold drinks in our Arabian culture, such as in Arabian coffee.
  • A standard content of spice mixtures, like Masala and Kabsa spices.
  • It is a basic addition to famous Arabian recipes, like Mansaf, Kubba stuffed with meet and pine, and Msakhan.
  • Can be used for many dishes of meats, soups, vegetables, snacks, appetizers, or even sweets along with other spices.

Grinding Cardamom

You can either get cardamom as intact pods or as ready-grinded powder. As intact pods, it looks as a green tough outside crust filled with black small rounded seeds. In order to get the best flavor, we should get to these seeds before adding cardamom to our dishes.

And because many people prefer to grind their spices by themselves to assure purity and quality, you can do that at home following these steps:

  • Use a flat knife to cut cardamom crust carefully and collect the black seeds.
  • Use mortar and pestle to grind the seeds up to the desired size.

Or you can use the whole pods without peeling them and grind them using cardamom special grinder.

Preserving Cardamom

It is crucial to preserve cardamom in a good way to retain its flavor and quality. And the best way to achieve that by the following points:

  • Cardamom must be kept in a well-closed container after grinding it.
  • Containers should be made of glass, acrylic, or porcelain.
  • To assure preserving cardamom quality it must be stored away from direct sunlight, moisture, and away from heat.
  • Cardamom powder is valid for use up to one month after grinding it.

It is advisable to grind cardamom just before use every time you wish to use it for cooking, in order to get the ultimate taste every single time.

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Last but Not Least

Along with green and black cardamom, there are red, white, Bengali, and Siam cardamom. Every type of them owns a different flavor with different benefits.

And aside from using cardamom for adding its special taste to dishes, it has the privilege of removing bad flavors as well. So next time you boil meat or chicken, try adding some cardamom pods to get every benefit from them.