Saffron sugar cubes | Quick-dissolving for rich flavored

Saffron sugar cubes | Quick-dissolving for rich flavored

Qaenat is pleasant to provide Saffron Sugar cubes directly from Iran. Our sugar cubes have a highly dissolving ability in hot drinks, which make them a perfect sweetener choice for tea, milk, coffee and all your drinks. the size of our cube is suitable for your daily sugar consumption, with Saffron powder which will give your drink an ancient aroma and delicious taste.

Saffron sugar cubes are perfect in size and Mixed with Royal saffron powder. Our cubes have All Saffron benefits. you can use these cubes in milk, coffee, tea, herbal tea, saffron beverages.

Saffron sugar cubes:


1. Origin: Iran

2. Fast Dissolve in Hot drinks

3. Luxury pure and natural saffron.

4. Packed in a Clear Amazing Package for flavour preservation

5. Free from additives and preservatives. 


Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight. should be stored below 20 C

How to use saffron sugar cubes

Put sugar cubes in your hot drink, and limit the number to your taste. You can also sweeten milk, herbal tea and coffee.

Our cubes melt quickly, and are just the right size for your daily sugar intake.

About Qaenat:

Qaenat is a brand specialized in supplying high-quality Natural Products, the company headquarters is in Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Qaenat Natural products include:

1. Qaenat Saffron products :

2. Cardamom products :

Qaenat provides best types of cardamom.

3. Qaenat Honey :

Qaenat Provide various pure & natural honey types, including:

  •  Royal Sidr Honey.
  • Premium Sidr Honey.
  • Royal Samar Honey.
  • Wild Mountain Honey.
  • White Honey.|

4. Qaenat Containers & Grinders :

We are glad to provide a variety of acrylic & tin boxes containers, suitable for gifts, spices & chocolate storage.
Qaenat Grinders can be used to grind saffron, We provide different types & shapes.

Shipping in 2 business days or less within the country of UAE, while the international shipping period depends on the location and customs procedures.

Qaenat Certification:

  • HACCP Certificate
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015
  • Environment Management System ISO 14001: 2015
  • Health & safety management system ISO 45001: 2018
  • Dubai central laboratory food and safety.

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