• Premium Saffron

    Buy pure saffron online for the best price. We are wholesale & retail supplier of premium quality saffron, purchase from our online shop.

  • Premium Green Cardamom

    Qaenat Foodstuff Trading Company provides and supplies the highest quality of hand-picked cardamom from its origin countries at competitive prices.

  • Premium Natural Honey

    Buy 100% Pure and Natural honey online, origin from Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, etc. with a distinct taste, a darker colour, a delicate aroma, and a more smooth structure.

  • Metal Tin Containers, Acrylic Jars

    Wholesale or Retail online shop of Spice Containers For Saffron, Cardamom or Honey, and Preserve spices in Qaenat Containers.

Qaenat saffron certified for Dubai Chamber of Commerce as Global Trusted e-Network member, HACCP certified company. Also, our products meet the ISO standards.

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Qaenat Foodstuff Trading is certified for Dubai Chamber of Commerce and industry as Global Trusted e-Network member, Our saffron is periodically tested and certified by the Dubai municipality Central Laboratory. Click the above images to see our certificates.

Grinders, Gift package and containers

We are the wholesale supplier of the saffron and we are currently shipping to most of the international locations at the best price. Contact us via WhatsApp or email for the wholesale orders.

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  • " هو زعفران متميّز، ذو نكهةٍ متميّزةٍ عندما تفتح الزجاجةَ، وذو لونٍ رائعٍ؛ وليس هناك زعفران أحسن منه، فشكرًا. "

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  • " Best quality of saffron which i found in Dubai. Very good aroma while using in food, especially in tea and rice. Thumbs up! "

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  • " لقد جربت معظم أصناف الزعفران المتناولة في أسواق ، ولكن هذا زعفران نقين هو الأفضل بالدرجة الأولى. "

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