Why Is Saffron Used In The Cosmetic Industry?

Why Is Saffron Used In The Cosmetic Industry?

Iran’s agricultural economy holds saffron at the peak because of its cosmetic and medicinal value. The use of saffron extends in many sectors like medicine, food recipe, perfume, cosmetic products, pharmaceutical industry, etc. According to the government report, the annual saffron production across the globe is 300 tons, out of which Iran produces nearly 76%.

Moreover, a marketing report states that high demand in many industries will increase its market size to 270 million US dollars between the years 2016 and 2026. Saffron has many individual benefits, and it widely extends to the beauty industry too. The restorative advantage of saffron for the mind and body makes it the best fit to be used in beauty products.

Benefits of Using Saffron in Cosmetic Products

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The cosmetic benefits of saffron are versatile as many beauty products are using it to enhance their brand image as well as provide youthful skin to men and women. Saffron contains great antioxidant properties, making it a first choice for the cosmetic industry. Apart from this, saffron uses in beauty products for many skin and body benefits too. Here is a sneak peek:

  • Saffron is rich in manganese that imparts glowing skin to the people. It is known for regulating blood sugar level. You can take it with milk to improve digestion and immunity, which in turn, imparts healthy skin.
  • It treats every skin concern since it has high Vitamin C content. This spice fends off the pollution, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, firms the skin texture, brightens, and provides radiance to the skin.

  • Acne, blemishes, dark spots, acne scars, etc. are the major skin concerns that both men and women are facing nowadays. The cosmetic benefits of saffron induce the healing process, as it can be used in home remedies and applied to acne and acne scars. Even women and men can choose beauty creams or gels known for treating these concerns.
  • Moreover, the top brands are also using saffron to cure dry and dull skin texture, evens out the facial skin, and lightens the skin by providing a smooth texture.

The cosmetic industry is growing with the increasing demand of customers. The use of medicinal herbs and spices are inducing people to choose brands that are safe for their skin and body. Moreover, the cosmetic benefits of saffron have made men and women opt for beauty products that speed up the healing process. Qaenat, being one of the reputed online stores, sells saffron of the top-most quality.

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