Why should you buy saffron threads from Qaenat?

Why should you buy saffron threads from Qaenat?

Qaenat imports directly from farms in Iran

The first home of saffron threads is Iran, which produces more than 70% of the world production, and the inhabitants of the Qaenat region of Khorasan province are among the most famous experts in the field of saffron cultivation and picking, due to their long history with this red gold. In addition, Qaenat company, imports directly from farmers in Iran, and also from Afghanistan, which keeps saffron threads fresh.
Reaching customers from the same year crop, as it is important to know, that when saffron threads are new and fresh, the nutritional value is higher. And the longer they stay, the less food value they have. As they contain essential oils, which disappear over time. So, it is recommended to buy saffron threads from companies exporting directly from their farms, not through intermediaries.

Quality Certificates

Companies seek the necessary approvals and certificates to prove the quality and validity of their products. And their conformity to the standards and specifications followed.
These certificates vary between international or issued from the country exporting to them. In the Emirate of Dubai, it is the same, they are always keen to track the products exported to them. Monitoring their quality, and issuing quality certificates to companies complying with the required standards and specifications.
Such as the approval certificate from Dubai Municipality, from Dubai Municipal Laboratories. As well as from the Dubai Chamber, and by the way, a company of creditors owns all these certificates and licenses, in addition to the ISO and HACCP certificates.

This confirms the quality of the saffron threads provided by them, and their determination to always provide the best varieties.

Packing at our factory in Dubai in accordance with the highest international quality standards

Qaenat is keen to import the best types of saffron threads from farms in Iran and Afghanistan. As well as to be the first harvest of each season, and then do the packing in its factories in Dubai.
Its factories contain the best and finest machines, which maintain the quality of saffron threads. And fill each order separately, in line with the customer’s demand, and the quality he/she wants.


Premium packages and boxes of excellent quality

It is known that saffron threads are expensive. That’s why you must preserve, and save it in ways that keep their quality and flavor. Otherwise they will lose their properties and features. For the record, cheap plastic packages do not maintain saffron threads perfectly.

So, Qaenat company resorted to the selection of high-quality boxes, to save saffron threads for a long time. Without losing their properties. Like luxury acrylic cans, made of solid materials. That resemble glass in appearance, protective against UV rays, and have different sizes, to suit the needs of customers.

Qaenat company uses metal tin cans, which are solid, prevent moisture, dust and air from reaching saffron threads. And which also has inscriptions and colors on them. They are often round-shaped without sharp edges, and also have different sizes to suit the needs of customers.

Qaenat also offer luxury wooden and leather containers. To meet the wishes of customers who want to use saffron threads as precious gifts. And with these cans next to saffron, there are some other gifts, such as a saffron mill, or some fine cardamom.

Providing wholesale sales with the ability to print and design the customer’s brand

It should be noted that Qaenat company provides wholesale sales – besides small orders – at competitive prices, as it gets saffron threads directly from farms, and without intermediaries, this makes it select the best saffron threads and provides them to its valued customers, as well as provides the packaging service company in the name of the customer brand and the design he/she wants. All the customer must do, is to communicate with the customer service in the company. Provide them with details of the boxes and design he/she wants. And within 48 hours, the company will send the packaging 3D design, that the customer wants, with the logo he/she wants and his/her company information.

Buy Saffron threads with Premium prices & high quality

Saffron threads are one of the most expensive crops, and in addition to their high prices, they are also rare, and need a great effort in growing and harvesting them, but if you are looking for the best quality and most appropriate prices, you will not find a better choice than Qaenat company, a company specialized in the cultivation and sale of saffron threads, directly from farms, and is always committed to provide the highest quality standards, in order to remain trusted by its valued customers. It is good to mention that Qaenat company provides the prices of saffron threads for various sizes on its online store. You can see them and find out what types are available.

Shipping and delivery services in the UAE and around the world

Headquartered in Dubai, Qaenat has chosen this city for its advantages, as it is famous for connecting cities and countries of the world. Most shipments and ships pass through its airports and ports, such as Dubai International Airport and Jebel Ali Port. Therefore, Qaenat provides shipping services within the UAE, delivers them to the customer’s door, as well as providing international shipping service to countries all over the world, it is, also, characterized by speed as it ships directly from Dubai, and the packages of saffron threads arrive within few days to the door of the client’s house without getting tired looking for original saffron threads, but rather ordering through the online store of  Qaenat company. It is important to mention that Qaenat has all the licenses and standard certificates necessary for export, thus it can ship to all countries of the world.

What are you waiting for ? Buy Saffron threads from Qaenat Now.

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