Acrylic Jars the best choice for storing saffron and cardamom

Acrylic Jars the best choice for storing saffron and cardamom

The luxurious acrylic jars is using for preserve saffron and other spices; such as cardamom..etc, and have distinctive shape, high-quality materials, and exquisite design. In addition to that, they are Airtight or Aroma lock lid to preserve the flavor of the spice or food contained in them, and also have a wide range of packages available in different sizes and designs. 

Moreover, Acrylic boxes is provided in various shapes, including square, rectangle and triangle, saffron and cardamom can be stored inside them safely without any change in the taste and smell of the product for a long time and these are its most important specifications.

Acrylic Jars Characteristics

There are several characteristics of an acrylic Jars, the most important are the following:

  • The Jar is made of high quality acrylic material, and it’s clear, through it you can see the saffron or cardamom inside.
  • It has a lid that helps to save the products and prevent it from  damage, because it is tightly closed.
  • The specialized experts carefully examine the box and give its approval after ensuring its quality and its conformity with high considered standards.
  • It has a spiceal and distinctive design.
  • There are many shapes of acrylic Jars, they can be used for different purposes, some of them are square, rectangular, and a triangle.
  • As for acrylic, it is a material that is easy to shape, so different shapes and designs are availabel. In addition, it is a material that adheres well with adhesives, and it can also be molded.
  • The qualities of acrylic are similar to glass in transparency and luster, but it is lighter than glass, and it also withstands impacts without breaking.

acrylic jar

Benefits of acrylic Jars

Acrylic is a good material using in the manufacture of many products, and this is due to its wide range benefits.  The most important are:

Product Strength & Safety 

 The Jar has high strength and durability, as it helps preserve what is in it during storage and does not lose its original shape. also withstands pressure and any sudden collision. 

Besides, you can store it in small places. 

Furthermore, Acrylic Jars  are safe for use in food, as they do not interact with it.

Products Protection

Acrylic Jars helpe protect the products inside them, because of  the presence of an airtight lid, to preserve the quality and flavor of the product, for a long period of time. 

It has different sizes and shapes

 They have different sizes, in addition to their multiple shapes to satisfy all tastes and needs. which increases the demand for them in different markets.  

Food storage containers

Not only spices, you can use acrylic jars in preserving sweets, candy and many other foods too.

for example, arrange Sweets in the jar and serve it to your loved ones. 

Besides, you can use them for storing legumes of different sizes. 

Containers for storing spices

There are many types of acrylic jars, including boxes for storing spices of all kinds. so that they do not lose their smell and flavor for long periods. Especially saffron and cardamom. But when you save it,  store it away from sunlight.

Accessories storage Boxes

Accessories and rings can be placed, as Qaenat store provides different high-quality boxes with multiple specifications and features.

Qaenat store specializes in packaging saffron and cardamom. We also offer a large variety of boxes of various sizes and designs that satisfy all tastes.


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