Tin box Container; A best choice for Gifting

Tin box Container; A best choice for Gifting

Metal tin box containers, in their various shapes, are a great choice for storing spices
and spices such as: saffron and cardamom.
 Its distinctive and luxurious design enables you to put accessories and gifts and present them 
to your loved ones.

Qaenat provide the most beautiful and elegant metal tin boxes, made of high quality 
materials, and designed to suit the tastes of many people. 
Besides all this, these Tin boxes have many uses, and they are important things that help us 
to save the things we want to keep In beautiful
shape containers.
High quality metal tin boxes are the best choice for packing saffron and preserving various 
food items, such as dates and chocolate. 
It has a beautiful and attractive shape, with high durability, engravings on the outside 
in distinctive colors, and it has multiple uses, and besides its various benefits that make it
of great importance, it is made of light metals such as aluminum, that makes the cost of 
transporting very economical.

Tin box container

Characteristics of metal Tin Boxes

The metal box has many indispensable features, as follows:

  • This box is made of moisture-resistant materials.
  • It helps protect what’s inside for long periods, and is coated with strong materials that protect it from rust.
  • It has a beautifully embossed metallic sheen on the surface and a beautifully shaped print that increases the value of the items stored in it.
  • Convenient and hygienic box painted in line with sanitary safety requirements.
  • It has the advantage that it can adapt to all different climatic conditions.
  • also its solid to withstand knocks and shocks during transportation, loading and storage.
  • the small size allow you to take it anywhere to use it for many purposes,
    and you can put your most important things in it as it gives value and beautiful shape.

Tin box container with traditional Design 

Benefits of a Tin Boxes Containers

The Tin boxs have multiple benefits for its use in the storage process, which are as follows:

preserve products

Tin containers  provide good quality protection for the product stored inside, which helps to preserve the color, taste and aroma of the materials in which they are placed, and helps to preserve them for a longer period.

light protection

It protects the product inside it from different temperatures.

Environmentally friendly Tin containers have another advantage that using metal in their structure helps to recycle
the can back to the environment after consumption, and this is very important as it does not
pollute the environment.

Various sizes and dimensions

Another advantage of metal Tin containers, which is that they are designed in different sizes
and dimensions, in addition to different shapes to suit all tastes,
which increases the demand for them in different markets. It has amazing colors with wonderful artistic patterns, to be used for multiple purposes.

High strength and durability

The box has high strength and durability as it helps preserve what is in it from damage during
the storage or preservation process and does not lose its original shape,
as it has color stability.

Tin Box For saffron,herps storage

 Various uses of metal Tin Box containers

The metal can has many uses, which are as follows:

This Tin boxes is perfect to store saffron. It is an elegant box that you can  place anywhere, because it has many engravings. You can choose the colors that suit you.

  • Use it to store spices and condiments

One of the most important uses of the metal can is that it can put the spices that you want to keep. It preserves these spices and does not make them lose their smell, taste or color. It can also be placed in tea, etc.

  • cosmetic boxes

The Tin boxes are perfect to store cosmetics, including all kinds of makeup, as this box  having a tight screw cap, besides being a small-sized boxs, in addition to the presence of different sealing lids, and it has a distinct shape.

  •  Boxes for keeping dates and chocolate

You can save dates and chocolate, especially when preparing for party gifting, important occasions, and special gifts. The metal tin can preserves the quality of the chocolate. It also protects it from  broken or tasteless.


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