How to find the best types of saffron

How to find the best types of saffron

In this article, we are going to discuss the best types of saffron. Crocus sativus is a purple color flowering plant. The plant holds 3 stigmas with it. And the stigma is the saffron. It grows in very few locations in the world. Iran is the best location to grow saffron. The soil type and the climatic condition of Iran suit well for the better yield of saffron.

How to find the best types of saffron

There are several parameters for selecting the best saffron. It starts from choosing the right corm (saffron bulb), climate, frequency of watering the corm, harvesting at the right time, drying and cutting the saffron for better grades.

To find the best types of saffron first, you need to know the types and what is the difference between each type.

Types of saffron:

Each type is differentiated based on the level of saffron concentration and it can be identified by the color of the saffron. The red color indicates a higher concentration level. Which means good quality. The yellow color indicates a lower concentration level of saffron compared to the red color. And the whitish-grey color indicates the very low concentration of saffron.

If the thread contains only red color or more portion of red color in the threads, then it is the best quality. On the other hand, if you can find the more yellow or whitish-grey part in the threads, then the quality of saffron will be less.

How the Saffron types are differentiated?

 This type of saffron does not contain yellow or whitish-grey parts. It is the best and rarest saffron kind because the threads have a good length and full red. It has the highest saffron concentration level compared to the other types.

 This type of saffron also has full red color threads but compared to premium super negin the length of thread will be shorter.

Negin – In the negin family, this type of saffron is shorter and has a very small part of yellow color in the threads. And so, the saffron concentration level will be less compared to the previous two.

Pushal – Compared to the negin family, this type has a more yellow part in the thread. So, it is a lesser grade.

Bunch Saffron – This type of saffron usually comes as a bunch and it has less red color and more yellow part. The bottom of the thread has the whitish-grey color. This is the lowest grade of saffron.

Usually, the saffron stigmas are plucked from the flower and dried well. After the drying process, the threads are cut and separated into different types. But for the premium super negin and super negin, the red part of the thread is directly cut from the plant itself. As a conclusion, the Royal luxury saffron and super negin are the best types of saffron.

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