IS Saffron Safe for pregnant & breast-feeding women؟

IS Saffron Safe for pregnant & breast-feeding women؟

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It is important for the pregnant woman to eat healthy foods with high nutritional value, in order to ensure the health and development of the fetus. As well as breastfeeding, as proper nutrition plays a major role in the generation of saturated milk for the infant.
Besides the importance to pay attention to the quality of food, it is also necessary to pay attention to its type and quantity. As there are some contraindications for pregnant and breastfeeding women to have a severe impact on the health and safety of their fetus.
Saffron has attracted people’s attention since ancient times, due to its many benefits and high nutritional value. So if you are concerned about whether saffron threads are safe for pregnant and lactating women, here is the answer.

There is no doubt that saffron threads for pregnant women have many benefits due to their high nutritional value, whether for pregnant or non-pregnant women, as well as breastfeeding, but you must always adhere to eating a small amount per day, and we will talk about the benefits as follows:

Benefits of Saffron threads for pregnant and breast-feeding women:

  1. Improving digestive functioning:

The ingredients in saffron threads help cleanse the digestive system and increase stomach absorption of nutrients, and these benefits are essential for the pregnant woman, as she is sometimes exposed to bloating, gases or constipation.

  1. Lowers blood pressure:

Most pregnant women suffer from high blood pressure, and taking few saffron threads reduces this height, taking into account not taking them with pressure-reducing medications.

  1. Treatment for respiratory diseases:

Saffron threads help expand the airways, helping the pregnant woman reduce asthma attacks, reduce coughing and allergies.

  1. Pain and convulsions relief:

The pregnant woman is exposed to pain and convulsions as a result of increased pressure from the abdomen towards the internal organs, and a few saffron threads help soothe pain. 

  1. Improving heart health:

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients in saffron threads, may help maintain healthy arteries and blood vessels, which are most in need of pregnant women.

  1. Enhancing sleep quality:

The pregnant woman has difficulty sleeping, and saffron threads can help soothe the body to relax and 

Saffron threads have an effect on uterine contractions, and it is believed that this may help increase cervical contractions and facilitate delivery. 

  1. Reducing hair loss:

Pregnant women usually suffer from hair loss, and the antioxidants found in saffron threads nourish and make hair stronger. In addition to that, you can prepare saffron oil and apply it on baldness spots to encourage hair growth. 

  1. Boosting blood iron level: 

Blood anemia is a common problem during pregnancy, and iron in saffron threads helps increase the level of hemoglobin.

  1. Maintaining oral health: 

Many pregnant women complain of gum and dental problems, saffron threads help soothe pain and treat gum problems, and helps get rid of bad breath (halitosis), too.

  1. Treatment of postpartum depression:

Many pregnant women experience postpartum depression, and there are many treatments, including proper nutrition, which is available in saffron threads. Whose effective components affect nerves, cause happiness for the breast-feeding woman, and mitigate the effects of depression.

  1. Enhancing the physical strength of the breast-feeding woman during breastfeeding.

Saffron threads help breast-feeding mothers by increasing appetite and enhancing the functioning of the immune system, as they lose too much energy during lactation.

Side effects of eating saffron threads on pregnant women:

Saffron often have no side effects, both for the pregnant women and others, but when ingested excessively may lead to:

  1. Abortion: Saffron threads are known to increase body temperature, and excessive intake may lead to increased uterine contractions and an increased risk of miscarriage during the first weeks of pregnancy.
  2. Vomiting: Some pregnant women vomit during pregnancy, and saffron threads may increase vomiting, resulting in the loss of essential nutrients.
  3. Poisoning: Consumption of a large quantity of saffron threads may poison, and lead to yellowing of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes, bloody diarrhea and nosebleeds, as well.

Do saffron strands give the baby a good look?

Some say that the pregnant woman’s intake of saffron threads gives the child a good appearance, and increases his/her beauty. But no scientific research has stood on such a conclusion. The findings of the research are: that saffron improve the skin feel and health. This is only what is confirmed, and what is said otherwise is rather rumors and superstitions. 

Appropriate and safe dose for pregnant and breast-feeding woman

It is always recommend for the average person to moderate the consumption of saffron. Also for the pregnant and breast-feeding woman, they should be careful when eating it, and take a small amount daily.

Some studies indicate that the safe dose per day is approximately 400 milligrams, especially when saffron threads are pure and luxurious as Qaenat Company Saffron; however consuming up to 1.5 grams per day.

It is not recommended to consume more than 5g; As they increase the risk of miscarriage, acting as a stimulus for uterine muscles and contribute to increased body temperature. Which causing contractions in the cervix and relaxing its muscles.

It is important to note that the toxic effects of saffron begin when taking 5 grams per day. Taking doses between 12-20 grams may lead to death.

There is no indication that saffron interact with medications. So it is still needs further studies and research, and more caution for pregnant and breast-feeding women. It is always preferable to ask the doctor.


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