Why is the price of saffron (red gold) expensive?

Why is the price of saffron (red gold) expensive?

Saffron is an aromatic natural spice, considered one of the most expensive spice in the world. Extracted from the flowering plant Crocus Sativus. A beautiful flower with purple petals and 3 red anthers. These red anthers are saffron threads. Saffron production is a complex process that requires a lot of effort and manual labor. Saffron is carefully picked with professional and skilled hands, and its flower anthers and part of the stems are dried in the shade, they are then placed on thin nets over medium heat. Next, they are saved after drying inside sealed pots, then are placed in a dry, dark and cold place, away from light and air.

That’s what makes the price of saffron so high & expensive. On the other hand, there is a high demand for saffron in the market because of its rich smell, health benefits and uses in foods and beverages to give them a good flavor, a distinctive color and a great taste. That is why it is called “red gold”.

Why is saffron price expensive?

The price per gram of saffron may be more than $65, it is considered one of the most expensive spices in the world. We will now show the reason for the high price of saffron.

There are many factors that contributed to the rise in the price of saffron, and here are the most important of these factors:

  • Saffron cultivation is not easy, as it needs certain temperatures to grow, and it is rapidly affected by weather and temperature fluctuations, and grows well in cold areas as well as in warm dry summer areas.
  • Harvesting saffron flower is a very difficult task, as it is a manual process in which machines cannot be used, and all flowers are selected very carefully, which takes a long time and requires considerable effort.
  • We need 70,000 flowers to produce one kilo of saffron, that is why growing it needs huge areas and great care.

The price of saffron is high due to the manual picking process

Saffron Varieties

Saffron is classified according to its quality and genetic characteristics into several types; its price is determined by its type and quality.

The following classification shows saffron types from the highest to the lowest quality:

  1. Royal Luxury Saffron:

This type is considered one of the finest, rarest, most beautiful and most expensive saffron. It is characterized by the length of its threads and its richness with the active substance that gives the beautiful color and the amazing flavor. It is produced manually with high-precision skill as well as in limited quantities. This type is well-known as red gold due to its high-quality qualities.

  1. Super Negin:

This type is considered the most common saffron. It is completely red and has a distinctive smell.

  1. Negin:

This type is considered a good type with medium-length red bristles.

  1. Sargol:

It is the flower’s red anther after separating the yellow part, the saffron bristles are shorter than the Negin and Super Negin varieties, and is also different in terms of smell and other characteristics.

  1. Pushal (Abushal) 

Saffron threads are in this type of red, yellow or white color.

It is the saffron compounded by red anthers and yellow stems, but the proportion of the red part is more than the yellow part.

  1. Bunch saffron

It is the flower anther from the root completely in red, yellow and white that resembles gray. The active substance is only in the red part, for that reason it is ranked last among saffron types.

We need 75,000 flowers to produce one kilo of saffron

Best Saffron Types:

Royal Luxury saffron is one of the finest saffron types found, and its price is one of the most expensive saffron prices. This is due to several reasons, including:

  • It is taken care of from the beginning of its cultivation to the process of picking and storing it. 
  • It is purified from all impurities that are stuck in it. 
  • An 100% organic product with no industrial materials. 
  • Adds a distinctive flavor to the dish it is added to. 
  • Gives the skin superior softness and attractive natural beauty.
  • The first choice for chefs interested in the quality and smell of food. 
  • Comes to you in a sealed box, so that it does not lose any of its natural properties which it may lose when exposed to the sun. 
  • It can be obtained from Qaenat shop. The store sends the product to customers in many shipping ways, in a safe manner.

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