Saffron Ice Cream with Rose Water

Saffron Ice Cream with Rose Water

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Ice cream is an excellent dessert for all age groups of people. Ice cream in saffron flavor and mixed with rose water will be a delicacy of the recipe. And this recipe is about how to make saffron ice cream in the home without an ice cream maker. It’s actually a very simple recipe so read fully and give it a try in your home. This recipe can also be called as ‘bastani’ or Persian saffron ice cream. Before moving into the recipe making procedure. Let me give you short information about the history of this Persian saffron ice cream.

The history of ice cream was probably started before 500BC. During the period of the Achaemenid Empire (first Persian empire) ruling Persia. They have a practice of consuming ice combined with flavors to produce royal treats during summertime. In ancient days they don’t have a modern refrigeration system but still, they prepare it using an evaporative cooler which is called yakhchal. They also prepared faloodeh and sorbet on those days.

Saffron Ice Cream with Rose Water recipe


2 cup of heavy cream

1 can of condensed milk

1tsp of rose water

10 – 12 saffron threads

1 cup of chopped pistachios

Preparation of concentrated saffron for ice cream:

Pure concentrated saffron is essential to get a special flavor, aroma, and color. Use a mortar and pestle to grind the saffron threads and some water to the ground spice. And you see a dark red color of liquid with mesmerizing aroma.

Note: Always use premium super negin type of saffron to prepare the pure concentrated saffron. Because those types of saffron are the rarest and highest-grade quality of all its kind. These type of saffron are harvested only before sunrise. You can get the premium super negin saffron from Qaenat.

Preparation of saffron ice cream:

Take two cups of heavy cream in a big bowl. Use a hand blender and give a strong mix.

Stop blending when the cream thickens and becomes creamier.

Now add one tin of condensed milk and give it a good mix.

Add one teaspoon of rose water and also add one tablespoon of saffron concentration and mix until the color of the mixture changes to light yellow in color.


Add the chopped pistachios and give the mixture a final stir.

Now cover the bowl completely with a plastic wrapper and freeze it overnight.

Finally, the delicious saffron ice cream is ready. You can garnish the ice cream with the dried rose petals and chopped pistachios.

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