Saffron Syrup | Instant Tasty Cold beverage

Saffron Syrup | Instant Tasty Cold beverage

Qaenat is proud to provide Saffron syrup directly from Iran, enjoy the original aroma and delicious taste. Our syrup is produced from pure saffron which is harvested from natural saffron farms. our saffron is carefully picked, to insure Premium quality.

Original Saffron Syrup

Our Syrup is Orange, thick syrup. Also, it is prepared in a unique way. In The process of producing rock candy, there is a stage in which saturated solved sugar will turn into rock candy. If in that stage we prevent the sugar crystals to turn into rock candy, we have a saturated liquid called liquid Saffron Syrup.

It enhances a strong flavor and delivers a sweet taste due to the addition of sugar syrup. and also has a wide range of applications in the home: such as preparing a saffron beverage, sweetening tea, or herbal tea. In addition, you can also use it in preparing desserts, jellies, caramels, ice creams, etc.

Why you should choose Qaenat saffron syrup?

1. made of pure royal 100% natural Saffron.
2. use to prepare saffron beverages suitable for parties & special guests.
3. has all saffron & Rock candy Sugar benefits.
4. perfect in soothing throat & reduce throat pain.
5. Improves flatulence & stomach discomfort.
6. Our Product is Free from additives and preservatives.

Qaenat Syrup Features :

Our Syrup Origin is Iran, besides, Luxury pure and natural syrup, packed in a Clear Amazing bottle for flavor preservation. In addition, it’s Free from additives and preservatives. 


Qaenat syrup is extremely versatile and will add an exotic touch to any beverage. It is also great to add saffron syrup to ice cream & desserts.
you can serve saffron syrup with cold water, at parties and weddings.



store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight. should be stored below 20 C

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