Pushal OR Bunch Saffron? Get to know the best saffron

Pushal OR Bunch Saffron? Get to know the best saffron

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Saffron is a natural spice that has been used since ancient times. It is used for various purposes around the world. It is used in foods and beverages to give them an intelligent flavour, delicious taste and distinctive colour, as well as in cosmetic recipes, fabric coloring, and perfumes.
Also It has different types; Among its types are Pushal saffron and Bunch saffron, and it may be difficult for some people to  distinguish between them. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify their specifications, characteristics and uses in order to clarify the difference between them.

Saffron flower stigma Parts:

First of all, we must know that the stigma of the saffron flower is not only the red threads, but rather it consists of three parts:

  • White, which is the bottom
  • The yellow part, which is the part that is between the red and white part.
  • The red part and many people think that it is only saffron.

Saffron flower stigma Parts.

 What is Pushal Saffron?

It is the compound saffron of red stigmas and yellow stems, but the percentage of the red part is more than the yellow part. This type of saffron is produced during the separation of the red stigma from the flower, and it is separated from the bottom of the red stigma with the yellow part of it. That is, it is a mixture of red stigmas with yellow stems, and its length is from (3 to 5 mm).

Specifications of Pushal Saffron:

  • In Pushal saffron there is some amount of yellow color from the end of the saffron stigma.
  • The red color is more in it.
  • Due to the presence of the largest amount of stigmas in it, its coloring ability is high compared to other types.
  • Many consumers and buyers trust it for its authenticity, and it is very difficult to cheat.
  • The presence of the yellow part at the end of the red stigma clearly indicates that the saffron is original and not counterfeit, because it is not possible to cheat or forge it.
  • It has all the properties of saffron because the threads of saffron in this type are completely present.
  • Easily recognizable and popular.
  • Desired by many consumers because of its appropriate price, characteristics, originality, and various uses compared to other types.

Characteristics of Qaenat Pushal saffron

  • A product grown in its native Iran, hand-picked with great care.
  • Natural high quality.
  • Has no impurities and no preservatives are added so it is 100% pure and natural.
  • Preserved in metal cans to preserve the natural properties of saffron.
  • Strong and distinctive flavor that can be added to many food dishes and other products because it gives a strong flavor and color.
  • A source of many nutrients that the body needs, as it contains a group of antioxidants that help fight some diseases, in addition to that it contains manganese, iron, and also contains a group of vitamins, including vitamin C.
  •  Preferable to use it directly after grinding in order to obtain a strong flavour.

What is Bunch Saffron?

It is the main and most complete type of saffron. In this type, all three parts of saffron (red, yellow and white) are dried together from their roots to their stigmas, without separating any parts of the saffron thread. Then the threads are tied together. That is, it is saffron with all its red, yellow and white threads.

Specifications and characteristics of Qaenat Bunch Saffron:

  • It is natural and 100% pure saffron.
  • All the characteristics of saffron are also in Bunch saffron.
  • Includes all 3 parts of saffron (white, yellow and red); It is described as the most authentic type among other types of saffron.
  • Cheating in this type of saffron is difficult, because it is integrated and it is not possible to cheat in all its parts.
  • The red part contains between 70 and 75 percent of it.
  • Cheap compared to Sargol and Naqeen/Naqil saffron, although it has all the characteristics of saffron.
  • Hand-harvested and packaged with the utmost precision and quality.
  • One of the well-known spices that add a distinct flavor and taste to food.

saffron uses

There are many uses for saffron, including the following:

  • It is used as a sedative that can be taken as a drink such as tea, as it helps to give the body more comfort, in addition to helping to expel gas and bloating.
  •  warm drink during colds or coughs.
  • contains a good percentage of iron that can help in anemia.
  • can also be used in skin care mixtures to make the skin moist and smooth, as well as lighten the skin tone.
  • also use it in recipes that help promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  • Saffron is used in baked goods, desserts, cheese and meat dishes.
  • In the manufacture of some medicines.
  • There are some studies that indicate that taking saffron orally for a certain period improves memory.
  • It can be used to lose weight because it contains a group of fibers.
  • It’s safe to use, but it should be used sparingly because, like other spices, a little of it gives a great flavor and color.

The difference between Pushal and Bunch saffron

Through what was previously explained in the definition of each of the Pushal and Bunch saffron and the statement of the characteristics and specifications of each, it became clear to us that both Pushal saffron and Bunch saffron are natural types of high quality natural saffron, and that they possess all the characteristics of saffron, and that the differences between them:

Pushal saffron is the red stigma of saffron that has the yellow color attached to it at the end. That is, it contains  red stigmas with the yellow part. Pushal saffron threads are 2cm-3cm in length, and their coloring quality is strong.

Bunch saffron: It is the saffron that consists of all its red, yellow and white threads, so that all three parts of the saffron (white, yellow and red) are all dried without leaving any part of it, and then they are tied with a thread in the form of bundles. The length of the Bunch saffron threads is about 3 cm – 6 cm. This type is the most authentic type among other types of saffron, as it includes all three parts of saffron.

In addition, the Bunch saffron is cheaper than the Pushal saffron, and is ranked next to the Pushal saffron.

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