Unique gift idea for wedding guest

Unique gift idea for wedding guest

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A wedding is an important ceremony of life. On that special event, the host family has a responsibility to receive the guest and hosting them with gratefulness.  In such a happy event gifting the guest is one of the most important rituals. In this article, we are going to discuss a unique gift idea for guest who comes for the wedding.

Gift giving for guests should a routine task of the wedding. We should feel from the heart and it should make the guests feel special. Providing a unique gift will always turn into a memorable moment for guests. And it gives a feeling of self-gratification for the host.

Unique gift idea for wedding guest:

Gifting saffron to the guest will be more special and unique in the wedding ceremony. Saffron is considered as red gold. And it is an expensive spice in the world. It has a unique aroma and gives a special flavor while adding it to the food recipes. And the saffron has several medical benefits. So, gifting the saffron will be the best choice of gift ideas for the guest of the wedding.

About Qaenat Saffron:

Qaenat saffron specializes in providing premium quality saffron for the best price. We are the wholesale and retail suppliers of Afghanistan and Iranian saffron. Qaenat saffron has a facility of delivering your order directly from the farm to your doorstep. We provide a luxury package for the product. So, it will be easy for you to gift your guest. We have 5 types of saffron and they are:

Each type varies based on its quality. In the above-specified types, the Royal Luxury Saffron is the best and rarest on the other hand bunch saffron is the lower grade saffron. The grade of saffron is separated based on the percentage of saffron concentration. The red color of the threads is considered to have a higher concentration of saffron.


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