What are the saffron threads health benefits ?

What are the saffron threads health benefits ?

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Active substances found in saffron threads

Saffron has many effective ingredients, such as crocin, which is the cause of saffron’s distinctive color. It, also, contains picrocrocin (glycoside), which is the cause of saffron’s distinctive taste. And pigments (carotenoids) zeaxanthin lycopene-, carotenes. The anthers or threads also contain aromatic oil containing a safranal aromatic compound (responsible for the smell). These components have a great role in the saffron threads’ health benefits.

It is worth mentioning that it contains many nutrients. Such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, and potassium, in addition to proteins, fats, C1/B2/B3 vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, and carbohydrates.

These compounds are very effective and have many medical uses. We will, accordingly, learn in this article about the most important benefits of saffron medical filaments.

The Saffron threads health benefits

Saffron threads contain many active compounds, and high nutritional values, which make saffron strands important in many therapeutic benefits and applications. It is also involved in the pharmaceutical industry.

It’s important to note, that many of these treatments are trial-based and need scientific studies to confirm or deny those benefits.

This does not mean that there are no scientific studies yet. Here are the most important medical benefits of saffron threads:

1  Saffron is a valuable source of food minerals:

Some research results have shown that the active substance contained in saffron filaments, known as safranal in addition to a range of antioxidants, makes saffron strands an anti-convulsive and an anti-depressant substance.

It is also rich in manganese (Mn), which helps regulate blood sugar, and regulates carbohydrate metabolism, and calcium absorption. Also helps to form tissues, bones, and sex hormones and contains iron which is important for the formation of hemoglobin.

It contributes to enhancing cell nutrition in the body, delivering oxygen, and getting rid of waste. In addition to containing vitamin C, carotenoids make it anti-infection.

It, further, contains vitamin B6 which helps form red blood cells and helps promote nerve functioning. The presence of potassium helps balance fluids in the body, keep blood pressure appropriate, and enhance nerve functioning.

2  The importance of saffron in the treatment of asthma and respiratory diseases:
Asthma patients suffer from shortness of breath due to bronchial tightness and inability to enter the air. Eating saffron threads may contribute to the expansion of the trachea for asthma patients which contributes, in its turn, to make breathing easier.

3- Saffron helps treat depression and mental disorders:

Properly taking some saffron strands may improve the mood, as it increases blood flow to the brain, which contributes to increased production of serotonin, known as the body happiness hormone, as well as contributing to the treatment of depression, perhaps mainly because it contains effective substances, along with potassium and vitamin B6.

4 Saffron helps relieve symptoms of sleep disorders and insomnia:

Eating saffron filaments helps relax and soothe nerves, which in turn contributes to the treatment of insomnia and sleep disorders thanks to the presence of potassium and some substances with soothing properties. You can do this by adding a few saffron threads to a hot milk cup and drinking it before bedtime so as to soothe the body and benefit from it.

5 Saffron contributes to the fight against cancer:

In the latest study published in the specialized journal “Medicine and Experimental Biology”, researchers in Mexico have shown that saffron filaments can be used as a protective and cancer-fighting agent, or included in the treatment program for this disease.

After reviewing a wide range of laboratory studies and animal research, the researchers also found that saffron filaments not only prevent the formation of new cancerous tumors but may cause even the contraction and diminution of existing tumors. Saffron threads also increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and encourage its anti-cancer effects.

6 Saffron has an important role to play concerning Alzheimer’s disease:

Saffron filaments play a vital role in supporting and strengthening memory.  In Japan, they use Saffron to treat nerve problems associated with aging, such as amnesia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. It is a sedative and a tonic for the central nervous system.

7  Promoting sexual health:

Saffron filaments also have a role as a natural booster for men. Some evidence suggests that eating saffron strands may play a role in the treatment of certain sexual problems and infertility problems in men.

Some research has also suggested that saffron strands may increase the duration and number of erections. It may contribute to improving sperm function and address the problem of early ejaculation, but further studies and research are still needed.

8  Remedy for menstrual disorders:

Take some saffron strands which may contribute to alleviating the symptoms and pain of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), in women with irregular menstrual cycles.

9 Remedy for the heart and arteries:

Saffron filaments containing copper, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, and magnesium, may be very beneficial for heart and blood pressure patients. These vital components have an important role in the heart and also play an important role in preventing atherosclerosis.

10 Saffron benefits to the eye:

Some studies were conducted in (ARC) centre at Excellence in Vision Science and the University of L’Aquila by a group of Italian scientists and found that saffron filaments could be a cure for vision loss caused by age. It also contributes to the treatment of some eye diseases.

Saffron threads also have a noticeable effect on genes that regulate the basic vision cells of the eye and protect photosynthesis from damage.

According to the results of clinical trials with patients with macular degeneration in the eye, saffron filaments had a direct effect on the healing of infected eye cells.

The Vision Centre in Australia has confirmed the active role of saffron strands. And that it is not only an antioxidant but also has properties that protect vision.

How to use saffron threads and benefit from them

To get the medical benefits of saffron filaments, they must be used in certain ways. Saffron filaments are safe to use for most people if used appropriately, in small doses.

How do you find the best types of saffron?

Eat saffron threads as spices in food, by grinding and adding them to rice or soup. Or eating them by adding them to hot milk, tea, or coffee. In Addition, it can be taken orally as a medicine, always consulting a doctor, to get the desired benefits.

Mix saffron strands with any type of moisturizing cream, and then use on the skin. Gives it smoothness and flexibility enough for healthy and vibrant skin.

It is also important to buy saffron filaments from reliable places, to ensure that the saffron is original. Qaenat is one of the most trusted and guaranteed saffron stores as it receives quality certificates from Dubai Food Safety Laboratories.

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