What is the method of preserving saffron threads for the longest possible period??

What is the method of preserving saffron threads for the longest possible period??

It is known that saffron threads are expensive, so they must be preserved. Preserving saffron threads in correct ways will preserve their quality and flavour, otherwise they will lose their properties and features. It is good to know that the cheap plastic packages do not preserve the saffron threads perfectly. Therefore, the companies producing saffron threads have resorted to manufacturing special boxes that preserve the quality of saffron threads, protect them from moisture for a long time, and prevent air and dust from intrusion into them.

Types of special boxes for storing saffron threads

1. Acrylic boxes:

Acrylic cans are made of various materials including acrylic acid. These tins are tough and highly transparent with excellent UV resistance. They look like glass, and are stronger and better than cheap plastic cans. It is involved in many industries, including storing and preserving saffron threads, as it has been proven by experience that it preserves the properties and flavor of saffron threads for a long time. As a result, Qaenat Company has provided acrylic boxes in different sizes, to meet the needs of customers.

2. Metal tin cans:

Among the cans used to store and preserve saffron threads, cans made of metallic tin. They are sturdy, airtight cans that prevent moisture, air or dust from entering the saffron threads. Thus, they preserve the flavor and quality of saffron threads for a long time, and these boxes are distinguished by their colors and inscriptions, and they are round in shape, and have no sharp edges, and they are available in Qaenat Company in different sizes, to meet the desire of customers.

3.Luxury wooden and leather packaging:

Due to the high price of saffron threads, its high social value among people, and its many benefits; Some customers may resort to presenting saffron threads as a gift to his friends or relatives, on their social occasions. Therefore, the companies producing saffron threads provided luxury wooden or leather packages with engravings and embroidery, and these boxes often contain some other gifts: such as mortar with a pestle, or some luxurious cardamom, to meet the desires of customers. This is what Qaenat Company always strives for, as it provides this kind of gifts.

How to store saffron threads?

To preserve the flavor and quality of the saffron threads, and to keep them as long as possible, they must be preserved under certain conditions. The first factor affecting the quality of the saffron threads is moisture. Therefore, it is recommended that the saffron threads be placed in a tight box or kept in their original package if they are good - it is worth mentioning Qaenat Company uses the best boxes for its customers - and the second factor that affects the preservation of saffron threads is the temperature. It is the room temperature, that is, natural heat. The third influencing factor is exposure to direct light, whether it is sunlight, or lights that emit ultraviolet rays. Direct lights affect the quality and preservation of saffron threads; Therefore, it should be kept in the cupboard, away from the lights.

The effect of poor storage on the quality of saffron threads

We have previously talked about the importance of good storage of saffron threads, as well as about the means of preserving saffron threads, and we will explain here what can happen to saffron threads if they are not stored well. The first thing that saffron threads lose by moisture is the color and smell of saffron threads. Saffron threads, and poor storage affects the oil contained in the saffron threads, and it evaporates over time, and after a short period this precious substance remains tasteless or odorless, due to poor storage, and it is worth noting that extreme cold - such as keeping it in the freezer - leads to mold formation on the Saffron threads, thus not suitable for use.

How to distinguish invalid saffron threads from good ones?
Unusable saffron threads can be distinguished by their colour, odor or taste. But there are other factors also by which it is possible to know the good and invalid saffron threads. Good saffron is strong and not easily crushed, while unfit saffron is easily crushed; Because its strands have lost the oils in them.

Likewise, good saffron threads are soft and flexible, and do not break quickly, while invalid saffron is fragile and breaks quickly; due to the loss of oils. It is worth noting that good saffron has a pleasant smell, while invalid saffron has an unpleasant smell.

In terms of color also, the good saffron threads are bright and shiny, and do not give their color to water quickly, unlike the invalid saffron threads, because they are dark and color the water quickly. , This is what distinguishes Qaenat.

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