What is saffron super negin? And what is the difference between it and Negin saffron?

What is saffron super negin? And what is the difference between it and Negin saffron?

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Negin saffron is the purest type of saffron. What distinguishes Super Negin saffron is its highly distinctive flavour, distinctive crimson red colour, sweet aroma and delicious taste. In this article, dear reader, we will learn about saffron super negin, its characteristics and advantages, but let us first address the origin of the word negin.

What is the origin of the word Negin?

Negin is a Persian word that means the best thing in something. For example, we say Dubai is Negin the Emirates, which means that Dubai is the best city in the Emirates. Through this definition, we discover that the quality of saffron means the best thing in saffron.
Negin saffron means the best part of saffron and super negin, i.e. the best quality, the most luxurious and the finest.

What is Saffron Negin?

Negin saffron is part of the saffron flower, the red stigma of the flower. The height of the saffron is just under 30 cm. In each flower there is a stigma of three prongs, each ending with a cochineal stigma 25 to 30 mm long. Each saffron bulb produces 6 to 9 flowers.

Super Negin saffron is considered one of the best, finest and finest types of saffron, as the flavor, color and taste of saffron is concentrated and abundant in the red part of its threads, and Super Neqil saffron is saffron whose threads are 100% red.
In order to produce Negin or Super Negin saffron, skilled and highly experienced laborers must be available to provide this type of saffron because its production is very accurate and, therefore, it is expensive.

Types of Saffron

What is The difference between saffron Negil and Negin ?

As for the word Negil, it is a distorted word from the Persian word Naqeen and it means the same meaning. Therefore, the transmission is the same as the pure, and there is no difference between them. But in Arab countries, especially in Saudi Arabia, is called Naqeel ( Negil ).

What is the Characteristics of saffron super negin/pure

- Super Negin saffron is distinguished from others by its crimson red color and its delicious and intelligent aroma.
- Its threads are distinguished by their length and thickness, as they are considered the longest among other species, and each thread reaches 2-3 cm in length and is characterized by a crimson red color. This form is considered one of the rarest, finest and best forms of saffron.
- It is free of any crumbs, threads or yellow parts, and it has a heart-touching scent.
- Negin saffron is the purest and finest type of saffron, and it has a slightly bitter taste.

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