Is Yemeni honey the best in the world?

Is Yemeni honey the best in the world?

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Yemen is well-known as the land of different treasury bounties, such as honey. Yemeni citizens have been fond of raising bees to create one of the finest and richest types of honey, the Yemeni one. It is very nutritious and great for boosting energy.

Varieties of Yemeni honey

Yemeni honey has been classified into varieties, up to where and how the bees were kept and raised. And surprisingly, every variety has unique characteristics with different contents than the others. Let's talk about some of the best kinds of Yemeni honey:

  • Samar honey
    This kind has benefits for people suffering from diabetes, intestinal ulcer, or stomach ulcer. Samar honey is made by bees that extract the nectar of the flowers of thistle plants, which grow almost in every governorate in Yemen.

  • Sidr honey
    Yemeni Sidr honey is harvested from the bees that have been nourished on the Sidr tree (Christ's thorn) and uncultivated flowers in the mountains.

  • Mountain honey
    This variety is peculiar for preserving all its nutrients. It is made from flowers that grow only for one month a year by bees that live inside mountain clifts and caves.

Why Yemeni honey is the best ever

If you ever try Yemeni honey, you will notice how distinctive, sweet, and pure it is. As it's being harvested in Yemen, which owns diverse climates throughout the year, various soil and terrain from one place to another, and different blooming seasons.

Yemeni beekeepers job

One of the things that make Yemeni honey even more exceptional is that its beekeepers are still using the same old traditional tools and machines to produce the honey. They harvest all bees' products, which include royal jelly, bee pollen, beeswax, bee venom, honeycomb, and honey.

Benefits of Yemeni Honey

  • Improves health in general.

  • Relieves headaches.

  • Improves bones and teeth health.

  • Treats burns.

  • Fights cold.

  • Treats anemia.


Bees are one of God's gifts and miracles for humankind. Their special features and products keep reminding us of the Almighty's power and mercy. This is another reason to include honey in our daily diet, along with boosting our immunity and empowering our bodies with good health and energy.

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