The Honey Role in Burns,Wounds Healing

The Honey Role in Burns,Wounds Healing

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The ability of honey in healing burns and heal wounds is very superior.

Honey has been commonly used in the treatment of burns, as it is one of the highly valued nutrients, is also used as a cure for many diseases.

Honey is a sweet-tasting food that bees produce when eating flowers and their nectar. It also helps cleanse the body of all the bacteria in it.

Therefore the honey healing role in Burns and wounds is very interesting.

Honey treats burns

We cannot rely on any type of honey to treat wounds because not all types are pure and original.

Therefore, we should choose unmixed types in order not to harm the wound and not cause bacteria to grow in it. The best of these types are luxury Sidr honey, Royal Sidr honey, and Wild mountain honey. 


sidr honey treats burns and wound

Wild mountain honey to treat burns

Qaenat provide The wild, free mountain honey, which helps treat burns on the body.

Honey has great benefits to get rid of burns, and this is through placing it on the bandage where the wound is, as it has antiseptics properties . It sterilizes it, and also helps not to get infected, calms the skin, relieves pain.

so wild mountain honey is characterized by the following:

  • It contains antioxidants that prevent infections.
  • Honey greatly helps to stimulate the production of white blood cells that contribute to wound healing and tissue re-growth.
  • Besides it reduces wound pain and acidity, speeds healing and cleanses the wound of bacteria.
  • Helps dry skin and anti-bacteria.

How to use Royal Sidr Honey to treat burns?

There is a simple way to use royal sidr honey to treat burns, and it is in the following steps:

  • Start by washing the wound and cleaning it with water directly because it reduces body temperature.
  • place the Honey on the area where there are burns, from 30 to 15 ml directly on the wounds or on gauze and then on the site of the wounds.
  • Putting some occlusive dressings to prevent the honey from leaking away from the wounds, and the dressings are changed periodically because honey speeds up healing.

There are many wounds that pure honey can treat:

Second-degree wounds: These are wounds that are in the outer layer of the skin, as honey helps to heal them.

Wounds that result from surgery: They are in the wounds of cesarean births. Honey helps cleanse the wounds because of the antioxidants in it, and this contributes to the healing of tissues significantly.

Wounds that cause bleeding: Those wounds that if neglected will cause scarring in the skin, so they must be treated with honey because it helps to clean and disinfect wounds.

Important tips before using honey to treat wounds

There are some important tips that must be followed before using honey to treat burns, including:
  • Clean the wound with water at first to stop the bleeding, to make sure that honey is not placed on any contaminants.
  • Knowing the degree and type of the wound by the specialist doctor, as there are wounds that need stitching or surgeries.
  • Clean the wound and dispose of damaged cotton to avoid infection with any bacteria.
  • Take antibiotics to help speed up healing with honey.
  • Consult a doctor when any changes occur in the shape of the wound. 

Does Premium Sidr honey Heal the skin infections?

Yes, Qaenat store offer the premium Sidr honey that combats bacteria which are found on the surface of the skin. Theses bacteria cause infections, and it also delays the healing of wounds.

As it forms an insulating wall that prevents the wound from being affected by medicines and antibiotics, but according to studies, Sidr honey helps To get rid of that wall, which makes honey reach those wounds and speeds up their healing in a quick way and without any difficulties.

What is the reason behind honey wounds healing?

There are many reasons that can lead to healing of wounds with honey, including:

  • It contains a high amount of sugar, and this is what distinguishes it with some colloidal properties that absorb secretions and moisture from all tissues that are infected, as this helps to get rid of bacteria, and leads to wound healing.
  • Honey contains glucose oxidase, which when mixed with moisture and wounds forms hydrogen peroxide, which gets rid of bacteria and heals burns quickly.
  • Honey acts as an antibiotic that breaks down the walls and membranes of bacteria, and this is what gets us rid of them greatly.
  • It contains some antioxidants that contribute to improving the immune system in the body, and this has an effective role in resisting infection and bacteria.

  • Increases the amount of white blood cells that help heal wounds and prevent the appearance of deformities and scars.

  • Honey increases the secretion of glutathione, which helps create new tissues to get rid of wounds.

The most important benefits of premium honey from Qaenat store

There are many benefits of pure, original honey offered by Qaenat store, including:

  • Rebuilds the skin membranes and this is what makes it get rid of burns very quickly.
  •  Treats all stomach problems as it gets rid of all ulcers caused by bacteria.
  • Treats all cases of anemia, because it contains many minerals and vitamins.
  • Improves vision and all eye problems and corneal infections, because it contains vitamin A and vitamin B2.
  • Gets rid of all the problems that cause insomnia and helps to sleep.
  • Helps reduce blood sugar, as it contains fructose, an insulin-like substance that regulates sugar.

The nutritional value of honey

Honey contains great nutritional value, as a tablespoon of it, or the equivalent of 21 grams of honey, contains the following:

64 calories.
3.59 ml of water.
0.06 grams of protein.
17.30 grams of carbohydrates.
17.25 grams of sugars.
1 milligram of calcium.
0.09 mg of iron.
11 grams of potassium.
1 milligram of sodium.
1 milligram of phosphorous.
0.05 grams of zinc.
0.1 milligram of vitamin C.

In conclusion, we can say that honey has a great ability to treat wounds, heal burns and prevent many diseases, but you have to make sure that honey is 100% original and this is already available In our store, do not hesitate to buy it, suitable and affordable price for everyone.