8 Simple Ways to Identify Pure Saffron | Original vs Fake

8 Simple Ways to Identify Pure Saffron | Original vs Fake

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There are several types of saffron which vary by its grade. At the same time, identifying the pure/original saffron in the market is also essential. We would like to share some principles to determine the original saffron. If you read this article till the end, you will know how to spend money on saffron in the market by recognizing the good saffron. Stay with us.

What are the Ways to identify pure saffron?

Recognition of the original saffron from the branches

It’s best to look at the branches first to determine the real and true saffron. This method is the easiest way to identify real and good saffron. Saffron has three branches, the upper part is like a trumpet. As you move into the upper part, you will notice that the trumpet is narrower.

Recognition of the original saffron from the stigmas

The stigmas should not be very shiny. If you find the stigmas are shiny then you should send it to the laboratory for determining the originality of the saffron.

Identify Pure  saffron from the rootlets

Saffron and corn are similar, and they have some rootlets. But the primary difference between both is the corn rootlets will be straight while the saffron has a curved one. This curvature indicates the quality and originality of saffron.

Recognition of the fine saffron by methane gas

Methane gas is a strong identifier for original saffron. Get some of the saffron into methane gas. If the color is purple or orange, it indicates that the saffron is pure. But if the saffron turns yellow, it shows impure saffron.

Identifying the fake saffron with newsprint

Put a little saffron between newsprint and press it. If you see oil and fat in the place of pressure, it shows that saffron is fake, but if the saffron is powdered, it shows the saffron is healthy and pure.

Finding the pure saffron with gasoline

Saffron cannot be solved in gasoline, but in order to identify fine saffron, you should put some saffron in gasoline. If the gasoline is colored, it shows that your saffron is not original.

Identify pure saffron with boiling water method

If you put some saffron in boiling water, wait up to 5 minutes and if the color of the branches is not white, it is original. If the color becomes white under 5 minutes, the saffron is fake.

Recognition of the fine saffron with taste and smell

Those who trade saffron they know well that the taste and smell of saffron are unique. This means that the color and taste of saffron is considered as a fixed identifier. If you taste a little branch of saffron you will find that it is a bit bitter but it has a pleasant smell. The smell of saffron is a bit quick but sweet!


There are many methods to identify saffron so that we can use various identifiers, solutions and even physical and chemical methods to identify it. Pure saffron has sustained characteristics, but it is so easy to identify original saffron in compared with fake saffron.

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