Facts about the threads of saffron

Facts about the threads of saffron

Threads of saffron are the actual spice that is derived from the saffron flower. The scientific name of saffron flower is crocus sativus. The flower is purple in color. And it has 3stigma in the middle of the flower. Those stigmas are the threads of saffron. It is an expensive spice in the world. We will be discussing the facts of saffron. It includes the production of saffron and why the thread to be red in color? What is the taste of saffron and why is it so?

Production of Threads of Saffron:

Iran is the motherland of saffron. The type of soil and climatic condition of Iran helps to produce the best quality threads. Khorasan is a place which is located in the east part of Iran. More than 70% of global production of saffron is produced from Khorasan (Source).

Starting from the planting of corms and till we find the threads of saffron; it takes around 6 – 8 weeks. Only the skilled labors can cultivate and harvest the spice. Each flower contains only three threads. 500 grams of saffron can be produced from 80,000 to 1,00,000 flowers. And that is the reason for saffron to be the expensive spices in the world.

Why the saffron is red in color?

The stigma itself is rich red in color. And when the threads of saffron are mixed with water or milk, it slowly releases a golden hew color. Phytochemical research says that the rich red color is due to the degraded carotenoid compounds and crocetin. And the bitter taste of saffron comes from glucoside picrocrocin. The color of the threads also indicates the quality of the spice. Full red color Royal luxury saffron, is considered to be the best grade. While the combination of red, yellow and whitish-grey bunch saffron, is an indication of lower grade.

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