Saffron benefits for skin

Saffron benefits for skin

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Saffron has several benefits over health. In this article, we are going to discuss the saffron benefits for the skin. All the information provided in this article is only based on a few research reports and those source links are provided throughout the article.  Actually, the saffron is a spice that comes from the crocus sativus plant.

The cosmetic industry is the third most saffron consumer in the world after the food and medical industry. Due to the increase in demand for beauty products in the world. The saffron is widely used in the production of products like fairness cream, sunscreen lotion, and cleanser, etc because of its beneficial properties.Source 

Saffron benefits for skin as a natural sunscreen:

Skin cancer is increasing every year. Eventually, a portion of these skin cancer is caused by the harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation which is emitted from the solar rays. Sunscreens have the ability to protect the human from those UV radiations. As a result of the research of the Iranian Journal of pharmaceutical, the saffron has natural sunscreen properties. Their study reveals that the flavonoid compounds such as kaempherol and quercetin in the plant have a UV absorbent property. So, we can use it as a natural sunscreen.Source

Saffron as a depigmentation agent:

Pigmentation is actually the color of skin darkness. Based on genetics the skin pigmentation may vary to every human. Sometimes the pigmentation occurs only on the small portion of the body like the dark patches. As a matter of fact, the color of skin and protection from UV radiation is dependent on a pigment which is the melanin present in the dermis of the skin. Pigmentation of skin occurred mainly due to increased melanogenesis by melanocytes stimulated by exposure to UV light. The research done by Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical has tested the skin depigmentation activity of Crocus sativus extract cream. As a result of their research, the extract cream decreased the melanin of the skin.Source

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