Saffron Price in Dubai

Saffron Price in Dubai

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Saffron is an expensive spice on the planet. Even though it is expensive, the demand for the product is increasing. Many people in the local region are keen to know ‘what is the saffron price in Dubai?’ before they want to buy it. This article will help them with knowing what is the global market value of saffron, which industry largest industry that consumes saffron, what will be its type and the price of saffron.

Saffron Price in Dubai

The global market size of saffron was valued at around USD 645.9 million in 2015 and it is expected to reach around USD 2.0 billion by 2025 (Source).  The food industry has the largest consumers of saffron. Then follow the medical and cosmetics industry.

Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world. The other name for the country of Iran is ‘mother of saffron’. They produce about 70% of the global need for saffron. It happens because of the well suitable soil type and climatic condition for the better yield of saffron. 

Types of saffron:

There are several types of saffron in the world. Each type varies with its quality of grade. The quality is defined by the percentage of concentration in the threads of saffron. Below are the types of saffron:

Royal luxury Saffron is the best, rarest and the most beautiful of all its type.

Super Negin threads are symmetrically cut and longer in length with full red in color.

Negin saffron is red and physically straight without any wavy pattern.

Pushal has a mixed color, most tops of the thread are red and yellow at the bottom.

Bunch Saffron or Abu sheiba. It has a mixed combination of red, yellow and whitish-grey in color.

What is Saffron price in Dubai, UAE?

The price of the saffron is not static, it varies or fluctuates all the time. The fluctuation of saffron price happens because of several factors like global production, local demand, etc. We can not have a fixed price for saffron all the time. But to know the price of saffron in Dubai, you can visit our shop.

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