Saffron For Weight Loss!

Saffron For Weight Loss!

Combat overweight by using saffron with cold foods

Ancient Iranian medicine has some elements which are scientifically proven and others which are still under investigation. Some foods can be beneficial for losing weight. In this page, Qaenat will tell you about combating weight problems and the weight effects of certain foods through saffron.

 Saffron with cold foods

Foods that have a cooler temperature tend to make us fat. Cold, fresh foods like rice generally have a lot of starch, which contributes to weight gain and may lead to liver disease. Therefore, it is better to eat these foods with some warm ingredients such as saffron. Use saffron as a friend to fight fat!

Combat overweight with saffron and cumin

Cumin can be used with saffron to combat fat. it is warm in itself and it also takes away the cold properties of rice and other foods, so it reduces the amount of bloating. it’s combats complications of the digestive tract and increases the speed of the metabolism to fight overweight. 

Combat overweight with saffron, bran and cloves

It is advisable to add saffron to wheat bran and other floury foods to give them more warmth and help reduce the amount of overweight. When combined with saffron, bran acts very skillfully in this work, and cloves help too. Cloves can also combat pain and nerve damage.

Rice and hot saffron stews

If you use a lot of rice in your daily diet, you should be careful, since rice is cold and can cause overweight. To reduce the coldness of rice, you can use various warm stews of saffron. In this way, you can greatly reduce the problems of overweight which come from eating a lot of rice. 

Dill and clove to reduce the coldness of rice

It was pointed out earlier that combating overweight with saffron is possible. You can also use dill and clove to reduce the coldness of foods like rice. Adding warm spices to cold foods will take a lot of the coldness of the food away. 


Rice has a cold nature, and in order to take away its coldness and avoid becoming overweight, it is better to use saffron with rice. This will balance its coolness and improve its taste. Hot stews can also be used with rice and can largely prevent the problem of becoming fat due to too much rice.


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