Do you know the most expensive spice on the planet?

Do you know the most expensive spice on the planet?

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Prestigious people in the world always seek a precious product. In the list of such precious products, there is a food spice which is expensive for several decades but still, the people show interest in purchasing it, especially for its special unique benefits. And that spice is none other than saffron. Just a 250grams of Royal luxury saffron would cost around AED1600.

Impressive benefits of saffron:

It is a powerful anti-oxidant and it protects our brain cells from oxidative stress which helps to improve our memory power, learning ability, and mood. Kaempferol is a component present in petals of the saffron flower which is rich in anti-cancer properties.

It has shown to reduce snacking and curb your appetite. In turn, these behaviors may help you lose weight. Based on a research report it has the quality to reduce blood sugar level and makes the insulin sensitivity level higher. And the benefits go on.

Why saffron is the most expensive spice in the world?

It is a complicated and tricky plant to grow. The nature of the plant demands for huge land space and careful human cultivation. ‘Stigmata’ is a small part of the flower which is dried and used as the spice. It takes around 50,000 flowers to get just 250 grams of spice. And the process requires skilled labors for a quality yield.

The cultivated plant requires well dried and rich soil with a full sunny summer climate. Iranian saffron is popular worldwide.

How to identify the pure saffron from adulterated saffron:

One of the common methods to identify the pure spice is by cold water test. Take a few threads and put it in cold water. Both adulterated and pure saffron will release a golden hue color in the water but the purest one will take a minimum of 10 minutes to release the golden hue color. On the other hand, the adulterated saffron releases the color instantly once the threads get mixed with water.

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