the best delicacies and styles of cooking saffron

The Best Delicacies And Styles Of Cooking With Saffron Across Diverse Cuisines

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Saffron is one of the most beloved spices around the world. Chefs in certain cuisines use the same for adding color, while others add only for its aroma. When cooking with saffron, each of the cuisines especially focuses on one or both these aspects of saffron.

Cooking with saffron across different cuisines

Let us look through different ways people use saffron in various countries.

Middle Eastern Delicacies

Since the saffron had its origin in Iran, its influence here in the delicacies is the strongest. They use it liberally while making the Zafrani pilaf. It is made with rice, raisins, and pomegranate seeds. The dish is an enigma of scents and is the best example of how basmati rice can get beautified and flavored by saffron. Another popular snack from the Middle East that people love for its saffron taste is that of Sohan.

Italian Dishes

Italians love experimenting, and one looks at the ways they use saffron in their dishes to speak volumes of the same. They make deep-fried Arancini balls is one such example. Made with cheese, flour, eggs, and rice along with the flavor of saffron, these are a perfect evening snack. Not just sweet, even a main course item of Saffron Risotto from Milan puts forth a great way to cook rice with saffron.

Cooking with saffron in Indian dishes

The use of saffron in Indian dishes is extensive. People use saffron for making Kashmiri chicken dish or fried cauliflower or even making the dessert of Kheer. Look out for the dishes and have them with great relish. There are different varieties of teas with saffron consumption in Kashmir and other northern parts to try. Look out for savories like Rasmalai or Rabri, where saffron makes the sweet even better.

Greek Dishes

Greeks love cooking with saffron. They use it to make the Kozani chicken or chicken with a creamy sauce flavored with saffron. The Kozani chicken is a popular dish, and you will find enamored by the saffron emanating its best flavors. The dish is made with chicken thighs, paprika, prunes, onions, and more. A perfect side dish, you can even look for general salads and sweets can heighten the love for saffron.

However, you can also check out African delicacies and certain French dishes where saffron plays a vital role. Make sure to buy the best quality saffron from the reputed stores online like Qaenat Saffron to get the actual pure essence of this charming spice.

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