Super Negin Saffron – Types and Other Specialties You Need to Know

Super Negin Saffron – Types and Other Specialties You Need to Know

There are several usage of saffron from the ancient times throughout the world. The saffron usage in food recipes can bring the delicate aroma and color of the food. On the other hand, the usage extends till the medical and cosmetics industries. Many households use Persian saffron for various purposes. Negin saffron is one of the premium kinds of its type.  Today, you will get to know about this type of saffron and its features.

What is Negin Saffron?

While buying, you might see packages with different types of saffron. Some come with red thread saffron, made up of the top-most part of the stigma. Often, its boxes are available with red and yellow threads. The categorization of the saffron is happening via its length and the concentration level.

If a cluster is made of three stigmas, it is Negin saffron. The production of this type is delicate and requires skilled and professional manual labor to provide such saffron in each packaging. If you want to buy the best type of Negin Saffron, check out the website of Qaenat Saffron. The ISO reading of Negin is more than 270. The packaging of such saffron is very delicate.

Specialties of the Negin Type
  • It is deep red and comes with a delectable aroma.
  • The color strength is above 250 USP
  • There are no fragments or broken parts as the stigmas are longer and thicker than other varieties.
  • Negin is the purest form of saffron, as it tastes slightly bitter.

Types of Negin family

super negin saffron 50 grams - new package

  1. Royal Luxury Saffron

This longest saffron thread of 2-3 cm is deep red in color. It is the rarest and the best type of saffron. You will not find any yellow threads, and the aroma is heart touching.

  1. Super Negin

It is around 1.5-2 cm long, and the second-best type of saffron. The only difference with the premium version is the shorter threads.

  1. Negin

It is the shortest type of Negin saffron and contains a bit of yellow part. Unlike other Negin saffron, its smell and taste are good.

This detailed know how about Negin saffron will help you to buy the best type. Visit Qaenat Saffron and pick the quality product.

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