Mortar & Pestle | The Ultimate Way for Grinding Saffron

Mortar & Pestle | The Ultimate Way for Grinding Saffron

It takes time, effort, and lots of care to cultivate saffron and make it available in its best form to be used by customers. And you can imagine that producing a modest amount of this red-colored precious spice requires almost 5000 flowers of Crocus sativus, the original source of saffron.

Nevertheless, worldwide and especially in eastern countries, saffron is a main sprinkle of royalty in many recipes. Not only for its unique flavor but also for the great benefits it provides when including it in our daily routine. Plus, it contains rich ingredients, such as antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals.

The best way to retain the premium aroma of saffron is to keep it in a well-closed jar. As well as grinding it neatly unleashes all hidden flavors needed to bring its magic to your kitchen.

Get The Best Flavor by Grinding Saffron Before Use

Saffron Threads Uses

Apart from saffron uses in medicine or cosmetic preparations, let's talk about how exactly you can utilize saffron threads in your kitchen for cooking diverse kinds of dishes, tasty soups or aromatic drinks. Check out some of these uses in the following lines:

  • A great choice for seasoning fish and chicken recipes.
  • You can steep some saffron threads in lukewarm water or in a glass of milk for 20 minutes or up to 12 hours, and stir the mixture well to use directly in order to give rice a nice mouthwatering color.
  • It can be used for coloring other foodstuffs and dishes.

  • You can roast saffron threads and grind them for use as a flavoring spice.
  • Adding some threads to Arabian coffee will grant you a unique taste.
  • Try adding a few saffron threads to your tea, leave it for some minutes for the spice to spread its flavor thoroughly then enjoy it.
  • Double effects when using saffron are for guarantee a yummy taste and add a cheerful color. Whether it's for soups, or different sauces like mayonnaise, and for deserts or cakes.
  • Saffron threads are essential in making Indian curry for famous and flavor-rich dishes like Indian Biryani.
  • And yes! Saffron can also be used in making ice cream.

Why It's Important to Grind Saffron

The reason behind preferring to grind saffron threads just before using them is to grant the richest flavor and aroma for your dishes. Along with the fact that saffron threads retain their taste longer than the powder, so they are better to be considered for storage. On the other hand, you should avoid buying the powder form of saffron unless you really trust the store, because there are many adulterated brands and mixtures. So the best choice is to have a special grinder for saffron at home, ready to be used once your ingredients are ready to be cooked.

Here at Qaenat store we provide different types of grinders, along with other types of mortars and pestles. Pick what suits you and order them now to enjoy saffron as it should be.

Saffron Grinders Types at Qaenat

For nostalgic people who endure the sound and vibes of using mortars and pestles in grinding their spices. Order the finest quality now at Qaenat made of copper and iron in a convenient size.

The modern shape with a handy grip is affordable and available in different sizes at Qaenat for those who prefer an easy-to-use gadget without any fuss or noise. It allows you to grind saffron at different degrees and in no time at all.

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