Thinking of a business idea? Sell Your Own Brand Saffron from Qaenat

Thinking of a business idea? Sell Your Own Brand Saffron from Qaenat

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Are you looking for a side hustle to make extra income? Or do you know that you can start selling your saffron brand from Qaenat? We will help you to take advantage of saffron’s global market.

Saffron is widely used globally as it has a lot of advantageous and medicinal properties. As a spice queen, saffron can solve recent health challenges, namely: skin problem, bad sleep, depression, and obesity. Here are things that you should know about saffron and how you can start selling it to your friends and family.

Saffron for a youthful skin

Saffron has a medicinal property such as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which helps to lighten your acne scars or even out skin tone, thanks to the Vitamin C it contains. Aside from consuming it, applying it topically on your skin is also beneficial. Infuse your water for 15 minutes with 4-5 threads of saffron and use it as a face toner for a more hydrated, glowing skin. 

Saffron for a better sleep

If your friends or family struggle to have a good night sleep, it is time to inform them of the good news that of consuming saffron. According to the medical trials, taking at least 14mg of saffron extract twice a day not only eases insomnia but also increases sleep quality. Make saffron tea or saffron-infused warm milk before bed to have a wonderful sleep.

Qaenat saffron improves your sleep

Saffron for a better mood

According to the medical journal, saffron stigma has been proven to increase mood and effectively treat mild-to-moderate depression. Additionally, from the conducted clinical trials, consuming saffron can improve the symptoms of depression among adults with major depressive disorder or MDD. Taking 30mg of saffron daily is as effective as taking the conventional treatment for depression using an antidepressant such as fluoxetine, imipramine, and citalopram, with a fewer side effect.

Qaenat saffron improves your mood 

Saffron for weight loss

We live in a period where junk food is hard to avoid. For those people who try to lose weight, this is a challenge for them. Thankfully, saffron can reduce the temptation to over snack between meals and control hunger. 

Why you should choose us to supply your saffron

Qaenat holds an international standard for premium quality saffron with HAACP & ISO certification; thus, we could assure the quality of our service. We sell saffron in the following types: Premium Super Negin, Super Negin, Negin, Pushal and Abu Sheiba. We source, grade and pack saffron straight from our farm to wherever you are in the world. For your convenience, all inquiries can be directed to our Whatsapp +971555929668 or e-mail: In addition, we also provide service in designing the package and brand.

With Qaenat, starting a saffron business is easier than ever.


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