Top 5 Benefits of Saffron

Top 5 Benefits of Saffron

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Saffron is the most beneficial plant in the world. It was used all over the world for several purposes. Moreover, in the ancient days of Greece, the saffron was used as premium colorants. In addition to it, Hippocrates (who is called the father of medicine) used saffron for treatments. Read more to know about the benefits of saffron.

Saffron as an anti-inflammatory agent:

Due to the damage of cells in our body, the Inflammation may occur. Therefore, the usual indication of inflammation is swelling, redness over the skin. The chemical property in saffron like crocin and safranal can act as an anti-inflammatory agent. And therefore, the saffron helps to cure inflammation.


Saffron benefits for eye vision:

benefits of saffron for eyes

Eyes are one of the most complicated organs in our body but for the proper functioning of the eye, vision requires a precise balance between the processes of proliferation. Above all, the natural components of saffron helps in retinal degenerative disease. An animal model test on P23H rats shows that the safranal property of saffron gives a good result in the process of proliferation.


Reduces blood sugar:

As a result of Hajiaghaee and Kianbakht’s research study shows that the saffron has the quality of reducing the blood sugar. They found that the crocin and safranal properties in saffron help to increase the insulin level. And as a result of it, the blood sugar reduces. They used diabatic rats in their research process. To know more details about the research study you can click the source.


Saffron benefits on anti-cancer effect:

 Cancer development is the biggest threat to our society. Because of the modern living style and food culture the cancer is developing rapidly. Journal of traditional and complementary Medicine says that crocus sativus has the quality to fight against tumor cells in chemoprevention.


Effect of saffron in the central nervous system:

The effect of crocin from saffron has a special protective effect. As a result, it can induce the impairment of learning and memory. Based on the rat test conducted by Singla and Varadaraj in 2011. They say that the saffron extract and crocin helps to increase the learning ability and to boost memory power. The properties of saffron have the quality to reduce oxidative stress and as a result, it gives relaxation.



Saffron is rich in medicinal value. So, consuming saffron on a daily basis helps to improve the health condition in many ways. You can use it as a spice on your daily food or you can consume it as a saffron tea on a daily basis.

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