Does Honey Ever Expire?

Does Honey Ever Expire?

Honey is a miraculous aliment that is known for its contents of rich nutrients and vitamins. It is an everyday food that grants our bodies energy and great benefits. And along with its many features, if honey is preserved and stored well, it will be a lifelong valid food that doesn’t expire.

How is Honey made?

The brief story of the process of making honey starts with bees flying everywhere to choose the best nectar from different kinds of flowers. They collect it and unload it as simple sugars in their honeycomb's frames. Beekeepers take the frames to extract the honey from them using a centrifuging extracting machine. After that, they strain the honey from any unwanted impurities to be ready for packing, and we get it as a labeled, neat bottle of honey.

Why honey never expire?

The natural composition and chemical characteristics of honey make it a sustainable food that withstands many conditions. For example, honey's ph is 3.26-4.48, which means that this high acidity forbids any bacteria from surviving in it. Also, honey contains a small amount of water, and this decreased moisture reduces the chances of bacteria to thrive or grow in it. And with no bacteria to spoil honey, it won't be expired.

Is crystallized honey spoiled?

Contrary to many beliefs, the crystallization of honey is a completely natural process and doesn’t indicate any spoilage in it.

Why does honey crystalize?

To understand the process of crystallization, we must know there is a particular balance between two kinds of sugars in honey; Fructose and Glucose. Once this balance is disturbed, the honey will probably crystalize. And this might happen when we keep the honey in the fridge. The good news is we can restore its liquid form easily using a warm water bath.


How to store honey?

  • Keep honey in a well-sealed container away from direct sunlight.

  • Use glass containers for storing honey, and avoid metallic ones.

  • Keep it away from heat.

  • Store it at room temperature, not in the fridge.

Honey is a royal nutritious food that can be used and added to our beverages and dishes safely while enjoying its sweet yummy taste. It is a healthy sweetener that everyone loves. Just make sure to store it probably and it will stay valid for use for ages. And most importantly, its benefits and taste will remain the same even after crystallization.

Last but not least, always look for trusted stores to buy your premium honey. And if it's written on the jar that the honey is pure, then it grants you better quality and manufacturing process. Here at Qaenat, we provide the best kind of honey with its original taste, available for shipping to your doorstep right away.