Worried about Diabetes? craving sweets?

Worried about Diabetes? craving sweets?

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 Diabetes is a common disease that affects humans all over the world. Food plays a major role in the prevention and management of this common disease. People having diabetes suffer to control their sugar levels. If the level of sugar is high, this causes a diabetic episode. It may harm many parts of the body. Also, if the blood sugar level drops by a large percentage, this causes a danger to human health as well.

In view of this, diabetics are subject to a careful diet, replacing foods that contain sugar and starches, and do some exercises. 

Is honey a safe alternative for diabetics?

Staying away from sugars is essential for diabetics especially processed sugar and starches. Therefore, patients resort to safe alternative sweeteners.

Because honey is a natural product, it is a safe alternative for diabetics. But it should be pure, raw honey, free of artificial sweeteners and additives.

They should also eat small quantities, and it’s good to know that a lot of it causes high blood sugar, and harms them as well, so they should eat when necessary, and in very small quantities. 

Benefits of premium honey for diabetics

There are many benefits of luxury honey for diabetics, including:

Reducing the level of fat and cholesterol in the blood

Premium Sidr honey is very safe, it helps reduce cholesterol and fat levels in the body, as studies in Medical Food in 2013 AD show in 12 days diabetes. Eating specific amounts of honey for 12 weeks helped reduce glucose, triglyceride, cholesterol and lipoprotein levels in the blood, and it also improves metabolic disorders when used for long periods.

Reduces elevated levels of liver enzymes

Royal Sidr honey helps reduce high levels of liver enzymes, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products in 2012.

Diabetics taking honey for four weeks help reduce the activity of enzymes in the liver, and this helps prevent liver diseases, because of its high common diseases, and disorders among diabetics.

The effect of honey on blood sugar

Luxury honey has a significant impact on the sugar level in the blood, but it should be used in small quantities, and considered as an alternative to sugar, and diabetics should consult a doctor before using it.

If the patient cannot control the level of sugar in the blood, he must stop using honey completely.

and when controlling it, he must use the original and pure honey.

The difference between honey and white sugar

First, honey:

Honey consists of carbohydrates, which are simple sugars, and it contains many antioxidants and minerals. Honey increases blood sugar by a small percentage, and there is a big difference in the digestion of sugar and honey, as the body breaks down honey by the enzyme in it.

Second, white sugar:

White sugar differs from honey in that it does not contain any vitamins or minerals, and it also helps to raise blood sugar by a greater amount than honey, and the process of digesting sugar requires some other enzymes secreted by the body.

Therefore, replacing white sugar with honey is one of the most important healthy options.

Does honey raise blood sugar levels?

Eating honey in moderate amounts does not raise blood sugar, as it helps to increase the proportion of insulin in the blood, and it also controls the level of sugar in the blood, so replacing honey with sugar is useful, and since honey is an antioxidant, it helps reduce sugar In the blood and gets rid of the complications of diabetes so it is a safe solution for all diabetics.

The effect of Honey on diabetic patients

  • Reduces fasting glucose.
  • helps to increase the level of fasting C-peptide, and this has a major role in insulin secreted in the body.
  • plays a major role in maintaining the level of sugar in the blood.

According to some studies conducted on diabetic patients who eat honey, it was found that honey does not cause a rise in the level of blood sugar.

as researchers explained, that it can be used in order to treat beta cells in the pancreas.

which are responsible for the production of insulin in the body, as it will have a great role in getting rid of this chronic disease.

In conclusion, we can say that honey is a safe alternative for diabetics if used in moderate quantities.

because it contains many food sources that contribute to reducing blood sugar and supporting the body with the insulin it needs.

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