Saffron powder | Benefits and method of preparation

Saffron powder | Benefits and method of preparation

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Saffron is using in cooking as one of the rich primary spices, due to its distinctive taste and fragrant aroma. Hence the need to grind it to facilitate adding it to various types of dishes easily. In addition, saffron powder is using in the preparation of various desserts, and drinks such as coffee, tea and milk. It can also add to natural cosmetics, because saffron has many benefits for skin and beauty.

It is worth noting that grinding saffron at home is a more guarantee of its quality and purity, and is free from artificial additives. The process of preparing saffron powder at home is also easy and simple, in this article we will learn about it.

How to make saffron powder

Qaenat store provides many products that help in obtaining healthy saffron powder for use in food without being afraid of any damage, and the most important of these products are saffron grinder, mortar and other other products on the store, and to obtain fresh saffron powder and enjoy delicious food, You can view the rest of the products through this link, but now we will explain to you some of the products used in making saffron powder.

To prepare saffron powder, you need original saffron

Saffron Grinder

It is a manual grinder, and to obtain fresh saffron powder, you can grind the saffron directly before using it in drinks and foods, in addition to helping you maintain the quality and distinctive aroma of saffron for as long as possible. The grinder is made from transparent acrylic material, which enables you to see the grinding level inside.

Features of saffron grinder

  • This grinder keeps the aroma and color of the original saffron, as it can grind a small amount and keep the rest, as there is a place to store the ground saffron.
  • Preserves the remaining unmilled quantity with high quality.
  • Made of premium quality materials, it is also designed in an uncomplicated way and is easy to disassemble and install.
  • It is easy to wash and clean.
  • The external structure of the grinder is transparent; This is in order to control the degree of coarseness of the saffron, whether it is fine, medium or coarse.
  • It is light in weight and small in size, which makes it easy to carry and can be used anywhere.
  • Designed in a professional manner, non-slip, anti-shock and not affected by scratches during use.
  • After grinding saffron, it dissolves quickly when added to foods or drinks.
  • Controls the degree of fineness and coarseness of saffron.

Preparation of saffron powder

How to use the saffron grinders

Put amount from natural original saffron that you can get through Qaenat store, and twist the upper grinder arm to get and control the degree of grinding as you want, and at the bottom you will find a base with the ground powder, so use it directly in food.


Saffron mortar to prepare saffron powder in small quantities

The original saffron mortar, in addition to its beautiful shape, is well known since ancient times, as it has many uses throughout the ages, and what concerns us today is grinding saffron before eating it or using it in foods or drinks directly. 25 mm, that is, it carries a large amount of saffron for grinding.

Advantages of Saffron Mortar

  • Saffron mortar made of high quality materials, so it does not deteriorate over time.
  • The mortar attached to an iron hand that is used to crush and grind the saffron, so it eliminates the need for you to buy ready-made powder of unknown origin.
  • You can prepare and crush any other food or seasoning with it.
  • Fast, easy to use and light in weight.

mortar and pestle

How to use saffron mortar

The saffron mortar consists of two pieces; The first is the container in which can place the saffron, and the second is a long handle that is using to press the saffron and crush the product. To get fresh saffron powder and use it in different foods, saffron mortar is a practical and indispensable tool in any kitchen.

Are saffron grinding tools safe?

Yes, The mortar is made of light metals that do not cause any harm to the body, and the grinder is made of safe acrylic as well. 

Is the weight of a grinder for saffron heavy?

No, it is very light and easy to use, and it is made of acrylic material, which makes it light in weight. Which makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere outside the house and you can use it at any time you want.

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