Qaenat’s Saffron Grinder, Make Freshly-grounded Saffron in Seconds

Qaenat’s Saffron Grinder, Make Freshly-grounded Saffron in Seconds

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When preparing saffron for your drink and cuisine, you may have to grind your saffron. In fact, grinding saffron is better than buying the powdered form, as it lasts longer and releases a better aroma. Therefore, what is the best grinder to maximize the unique flavour?

Saffron Grinder

There are two kinds of grinder, mortar and glass grinder. However, grinding with mortar may take several minutes and not as fast as the glass grinder. If you are too busy, then the glass grinder may be perfect for you as it grinds the spice in seconds. The grinder you should be looking for is the one with stainless steel blades, which is durable and capable of grinding efficiently. The grinder should be made from durable clear glass since the glass characteristic is not porous, which means it protects the spice and its aroma. Not only it is perfect for grinding saffron, but this type of grinder can also grind any spices and herbs, such as cumin and black pepper.

Qaenat is aware of the consumers’ request and need. We are happy to announce Qaenat’s hand grinders in three different shapes; white tweezers, hexagon and pearl pattern, are available now. It is easy to use and noise-free. By rotating the handle, the fresh saffron powder will be ready in 30 seconds, noise-free. The blade is made from stainless steel, making this hand grinder sturdy and dishwasher-free. The spice capacity is 100 grams, and you can grind any spice you have in the kitchen. Check out the tutorial on how to prepare saffron powder at home on our Youtube channel.

After grinding, consider keeping the saffron inside the clear glass jars such as mason jars before cooking. Place the grinder in a dry place away from the sunlight and wash when necessary.
Qaenat’s hand-grinders are now available for purchase with worldwide shipping for only 30 AED. To check our saffron grinder in different shape, check out this page.


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