Royal Luxury Saffron Premium Quality Guaranteed

Royal Luxury Saffron Premium Quality Guaranteed

The saffron derives from the ‘Crocus Sativus‘ flowering plant; a delicate flower with purple petals and Three red stigmas. The true saffron is those three red stigmas.


Saffron production is a complex process and requires more manual work. The saffron is carefully hand-picked by trained and experienced harvesters. It is a sensitive plant that requires exceptional care throughout its life. Planting and irrigation of the saffron are also carried out with a high degree of commitment and patience. Because of its aroma and health benefits, saffron has massive market demand. And that’s why it’s called “Red Gold”

Royal Luxury Saffron

is considered to be the best, the rarest and the most beautiful type of saffron. It grows in the region of Qaenat and is deservedly known as Red Gold because of its fine qualities. We are honoured to offer you exquisite, high-quality saffron with the finest packaging. You may add our saffron to your beverages or food and enjoy the best of its flavour and aroma.

Qaenat Royal Luxury Saffron 

  • We offer free delivery to all parts of the UAE. (Terms & Conditions apply)

  • We ship at a very low cost to all other countries around the world.

  • The delivery inside the UAE takes just two working days.

  • We guarantee 100% natural and premium quality. We supply the saffron directly from the farm to you.

  • You can pay through debit card, credit card, net banking, etc. Cash on Delivery is available within UAE.

  • Royal Luxury Saffron enhances the flavour, colour, and aroma of the food. It can be used to prepare saffron rice, tea, cake, milk, …..etc.

Furthermore, Saffron is composed of 65% carbohydrates, 6% fat, 11% protein and 12% water. In comparison to other spices or dried foods, the nutrient content of Saffron shows richness in the content of B vitamins and dietary minerals.

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