Tin Container New release - 1 G
Tin Container New release - 1 G
Tin Container New release - 1 G

Tin Container New release - 1 G

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  •  Luxury Tin Container
  • Made of high-quality metals
  • Highly durable & No sharp edges
  • Robust and resistant to transport and storage conditions
  • Very elegant and beautiful
  • New colors and designs 
  • suitable for gifting, saffron preservation, chocolate, and dates.
  • Great for your accessories. 


      Luxury Tin Container New Release

      Qaenat is pleased to release the New TIN Container For Retail and wholesale Sales. The containers are distinguished by their perfect shape and optimum quality.
      The materials used in these containers are carefully selected to ensure that high standards are maintained. They are strong enough to provide a long durability. They prevent all forms of reactions with the products they store. Accordingly, the containers do not alter the taste, color, or flavor of items stored in them.

      Qaenat Tin Containers go through several checking processes to ensure that high-quality standards are maintained. To this effect, only containers that meet specified quality parameters are on sale on the Qaenat site. With premium quality, any product packaged and stored in these tin containers is highly protected and has a lengthened shelf life.
      All of these attractive attributes come very affordably on Qaenat.
      Identify the most charming tin containers & get your supply immediately.

      In Qaenat, you pay less FOR high-quality products!!!

      What Can You put in Qaenat Luxury Tin Container?

      ✔️ Dates, Chocolates for special gifting.
      ✔️ Accessories, earrings, wedding rings.
      ✔️ Herbs, Saffron, cardamom, dried roses.
      ✔️ Cookies, candy, sweets.
      ✔️ Creams, soaps, and makeup.

      Is Tin Containers Safe For food preservation?

      Qaenat Tin Container follows a food quality test, to ensure its compatibility with food.

      You can preserve dried herbs, such as Saffron, and cardamom, in addition to chocolate and dates, peanuts, cashew..etc


      Why Qaenat tin containers?

      ✅ Safe
      ✅ Durable
      ✅ No Food interaction
      ✅ Aroma lock 
      ✅ Preserve odor and taste 
      ✅ Colours & size variations
      ✅ Wide variety of designs