Don’t give Honey to Babies! Why?

Don’t give Honey to Babies! Why?

Are you a new mom who is anxious about her little bundle of joy’s needs? Looking for the healthiest food options for your little one? Wondering what foods should be given to your young ones for their smooth flourishment and what foods should be avoided altogether? Are you wondering if you can give Honey to your babies?  If your response to any of these questions is yes, then you are certainly on the right forum.

Why we cant give Honey to babies?

It is a familiar practice in many parts of the world that newborns are given a small chunk of Honey right after birth. This exercise is wrong on so many levels because;

  • Baby’s tiny intestines cannot handle Honey
  • Honey is a complex sugar that takes time to be digested, and the little one’s tiny gastrointestinal tract cannot handle it
  • Raw Honey often contains certain bacteria which can be toxic to the growing newborn
  • Toxins in Honey can lead to a serious condition, i.e., infant botulism which poses a threat to a baby’s life.

What causes infant botulism?

Clostridium botulinum is a bacterium that causes infant botulism. These bacteria are often exists in Honey and can produce harmful toxic substances. These toxins can deprive the baby’s intestine of essential nutrients and water. It can also incite vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. The young baby’s bodies cannot handle all this as they are still in their developing stage. Consequently, infant botulism leads to severe electrolyte depletion, thus paving the way for death.

At which age can children have Honey?

Even though Honey is a natural sugar that is full of flavor and nutrients but children younger than one year of age should avoid Honey. After one year of age, the gradual addition of 1 teaspoon/ week will be fine and will be good for your baby’s health. Be very careful while purchasing snacks for your baby’s as some varieties of cookies and crackers are flavored with Honey which might not be right for your baby. Also, be very careful while selecting beverages for your young one as some of them too are loaded with Honey and can be harmful to the developing gut.

After one year of age, kids’ gastrointestinal tract matures and is able to handle complex sugars. You can add Honey into your kid’s routine gradually. In the beginning, start giving them Honey with toast or flavor their favorite bowl of cereal with Honey. You can add it in their milkshakes too. Qaenat has premium quality honey which can add flavor to your kid’s healthful snacks. So what are you waiting for? Place an order from a wide collection of Honey for your children older than 1 years.

In Conclusion, Don’t use honey to babies:

Honey is a natural sugar that is nature’s gift to mankind. This complex sugar comes from the nectar of several flowering plants. Honey is a superfood with many miraculous benefits but babies younger than 12 months should not consume it. Honey contains several bacterial species which in the absence of oxygenation, can produce certain toxins. Although these toxins are not harmful to the fully developed gut but babies’ gastrointestinal tract cannot handle them. These toxins can result in a disease called infant botulinum which can put your baby’s life in jeopardy. Therefore children younger than 12 months should avoid Honey altogether. Once the kids mature, then Honey can be gradually added to their diet.