How to use Saffron?

How to use Saffron?

Many people have a common question that how to use saffron? In this article, we discuss how can we use saffron. There are plenty of uses because of its multiple health benefits. It is actually a spice and the uses of it extend to the culinary purpose as well as medical and cosmetic purposes.

How to use saffron?

The saffron can be used in different forms which are threads, powder, and liquid.


Threads are the natural form of saffron. The threads are actually the stigma of the crocus sativus flower plant. The stigmas are carefully collected and left to dry. Finally, we get the wold’s most expensive spice. The thread form helps to garnish the culinary varieties. We get the other two forms using the threads.


The preparation of saffron powder is simple. Just grind the threads using a spice grinder. We can use fine grounded powder for preparing beverages like kesar tea. We can also add some powder in hot milk. And there are a lot more uses.


We can use the saffron in liquid form is commonly for preparing food recipes like kesar rice, ice cream, mandi, biriyani, etc. Add a few threads in hot water and leave it for 30 minutes. The threads slowly release the color, flavor, and aroma to the water. And that liquid can be used in the food recipes. The advantage of saffron in liquid form is, it evenly spread the color, aroma, and flavor to the recipe.

Saffron uses in the medical industry:

The spice has plenty of health benefits. It is good for reducing moderate depression, it also helps for the diabetes patients to increase insulin secretion and the benefits extend more. Because of its multiple health benefits, it is used in the medical industry. And as a matter of fact, medical industry is the second-largest saffron consumers after the food industry

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