Learn more about the most important features and characteristics of the original saffron

Learn more about the most important features and characteristics of the original saffron

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Saffron is one of the most important popular spices, and it is used in many and wide fields, and it has many benefits that distinguish it from other spices, as it is a product rich in the most important nutrients that the body needs such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, antioxidants and others.
Saffron is extracted from the internal stigmas of the saffron flowers. It is distinguished by its crimson red color, and is one of the most expensive spices in the world. In this article, we will learn about the advantages of the original saffron and its uses.

Features of the original saffron

The original saffron is characterized by several advantages, through which you can differentiate it from non-original saffron, and the most important of these features are the following:

  • The true color of the original saffron is crimson red.
  • The original saffron has a distinctive flavor and a pleasant aroma.
  • The smell of saffron is the only feature that can not be cheated, because the rest of the characteristics of saffron such as its color, some fraudsters can add dyes to the poor quality saffron or some things to have a color similar to the color of saffron.
  • The smell of the new, fresh, original saffron is not strong, but rather light, but its strong and pungent smell comes out when grinding saffron or spraying some water on it. The mixture is similar to the smell of hay and honey.
  • The original saffron taste is not sweet, and gives a distinct delicious taste in the dishes to which it is added.
  • The true color of the original saffron is stable and does not change, and it can be confirmed by experimenting with putting a little saffron in hot water and observing the change and transformation of its color.
  • Growing and harvesting saffron is one of the most expensive plants, whether, technically or financially, which is why it is so expensive.
  • All flowers must be good and healthy in order for saffron to be taken from them.
  • The original saffron is distinguished by the fact that it does not dissolve and is not decomposed in water, and as for the imitation saffron, you will notice that it is dissolved in the water and decomposed.
It is the best and first choice for many chefs in the world, thanks to its smart aroma, distinctive color and wonderful taste on foods and drinks.


Features of the luxurious royal original saffron in Qaenat store:

  • It is a 100% natural and organic healthy product.
  • Hand-harvested with great care in its own harvest season within its natural environment.
  • It is kept in an airtight and elegant box, in order to preserve its high quality and not to lose its properties.
  • 100% original and pure product.
  • Free of additives and any preservative.
  • It is of the highest quality - grade A+.
  • One of the finest types of natural saffron that can be used as a spice for foods and drinks, as it gives it a wonderful flavour, delicious taste and distinctive color.
  • Qaenat Company is the #1 brand in the supply of high quality saffron, which has obtained many accreditations, and has a team working in ways to preserve the product, which makes Qaenat and its products the best.

What are the uses of the original saffron?

  • Saffron is one of the natural elements that are used in cosmetic recipes with the aim of obtaining pure and smooth skin, through continuous use and on a daily routine for the skin.
  • Saffron is used to color and dye fabric.
  • Saffron has also been used as a base material in perfumery.
  • Saffron is used in foods and beverages to give it a distinct color, delicious taste, and great flavour.

Frequent asked questions

How can I keep saffron after use so that it does not spoil?
It is recommended that the product be kept in airtight containers, and the best option is acrylic cans that are airtight. It must be stored in a suitable place, at a temperature not exceeding 30°. It is also necessary not to leave the package open for a long time without covering it, or exposing it to sunlight or heat.

Can I buy in bulk from Qaenat Store?
Yes, you can, the store also provides a wholesale service at reasonable prices. The store also provides shipping service to all countries of the world.

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