Persian Saffron – The Aroma Of Outstanding Cuisine Of The World

Persian Saffron – The Aroma Of Outstanding Cuisine Of The World

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In this article, we are going to discuss the history of the Persian saffron and its uses. We get saffron from the flower, Saffron Crocus, which mainly grows in Asia. Though it grows in several countries of the continent, Iran grows in the top-quality saffron about 90%, and it is called the famous “Persian Saffron.”

History of Persian Saffron

The top-quality saffron is available mainly in Iran and the ancient Persia. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Iran grows about 85% of saffron in the world. However, before knowing about the usages and benefits of Persian saffron, looking back to the history of saffron it will be more interesting. The archaeological department got the first documentation of Persian saffron in the 7th Century under the dynasty of the Iranian Emperor, Ashurbanipal. From that time until today, Saffron has crossed a rich history of 4000 years.

The popularity of Persian saffron was so immense in the early days (and even today). Because it is the most important way to earn foreign currencies for Iran. It was exported to Greece, Rome, and Egypt. There was a saying about Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, who was using saffron in mare-milk to take bath! As not only cosmetics but Persian saffron also made its place in the cuisine world, no matter it is “Persian Pilau” or “Spanish Paella.” Not only in cosmetics or food, but the medieval monks also used saffron in creating inks for their manuscripts. Their invention was the mixture of saffron and the glue of egg whites can create a yellow glaze, which is long-lasting.

Beneficial Usage 

From ancient times to modern-day, Persian saffron has various usages throughout the world. If you check out the history in the ancient age, the usage of saffron for the purposes of cosmetics, cooking, and as a source of medicines.

The picture hasn’t changed much today. Here are certain saffron usages that have been coming down in history from an early age.

  • Saffron helps in treating stress and insomnia
  • It also has medicinal benefits of lowering cholesterol levels
  • Saffron treats mental stability
  • People use saffron for cosmetics purposes because of its antiseptic property.

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